Why are Picnic Hampers Eco-Friendly and a great gift idea?



Have you ever wondered why we have to pay for plastic bags at the shops

these days, and why the government is repeatedly advising individuals to use

reusable products like picnic baskets and reusable carrier bags for carrying

food and other items? Well this is down to the fact that plastic bags cause

pollution in some horrific ways! Read on and we’ll tell you why the picnic

basket is a great Eco-friendly gift idea!

Barrel Picnic Basket

Plastic bags litter the environment, and as they are strong and durable they

last a long time after they have been used so plastic bags can be an eyesore

in the countryside for years. It is not just aesthetics that counts against the

plastic bag though, as these can kill wildlife accidentally, again due to their

durable nature and strength. Dolphins, whales and penguins can accidentally

eat a plastic bag, causing animals to die unnecessarily. The production

process for the plastic bag is also something that causes environmental

damage as fossil fuels are regularly used to produce the plastic bag, so even

before it is used and discarded the plastic bag can be a menace by eating into

reserves of fossil fuels that are slowly depleting.

Reusable carrier items like picnic baskets are great alternatives to carry

around items that are typically carried around in a plastic bag. Find out

where to buy picnic baskets at Personalised Pressies.

The picnic basket can be used to carry large volumes of food around so that

several plastic bags don’t have to be used at once for just one trip. The picnic

basket is great as it can simply be loaded up and placed in the car, saving you

from stopping to buy take-out or other convenience foods. Picnic baskets can

save individuals a lot of cash over time! Another benefit of the picnic basket is

that it provides an excellent storage place for food waste that might otherwise

be dumped using plastic bags, or discarded irresponsibly causing pollution!

Picnic hampers are Eco-friendly because they can be used to manage food

waste and food transportation responsibly, reducing the impact of pollution

and reducing the temptation to litter the environment with things like plastic

bags, cola cans and plastic bottles. Don’t just go out and buy a picnic basket

because they are Eco-friendly, though – think also of the practical benefits that

using a picnic basket on the go can bring. With a picnic basket you can eat,

almost anywhere, anytime so you won’t have to spend a lot of cash on eating

out or buying food on the go. Picnic baskets can be used to keep your food

fresh, hot or cold so your food remains hot or cold as required. A picnic basket

is also a cool way of disposing of waste on the go – no more hunting around

for a bin, or being tempted to just dump the waste irresponsibly

Tom is a frequent picnicker who is currently in a love hate relationship with the British weather due to his current prevention of pursuing one of his favorite pastimes, picnicking. He shares his knowledge on behalf of Personalised Pressies 


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Hamper Malaysia
10 years ago

I think the blog you are updating which is really it will be my favorite blog which I like such great ideas about the gift !! I am too young due to which I haven”t more knowledge about the gift due to which mostly I lose my time on the blog but I never satisfied before !! Thanks