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baby shower guideHosting a baby shower is an important job and you want to make sure that your friend or loved one has the biggest and best baby shower ever.

Whether it’s her first-born or her sixth, every baby shower should be memorable and top all the others!  Here are some ideas – from invites and games to themes and decor to gifts and party favours – that will be sure to set your baby shower apart from any others even if you’re on a budget.

Divine Invites:

To create a personal and intimate baby shower for your friend, consider making your own invites with items from the local craft shop that coordinate with your theme for the baby shower. Consider using items you may already have around the house, which will enable you to save a bit of money to put towards another part of the shower. You could use material scraps, lace, ribbons or buttons to decorate the invites.

Inspiration: DIY invites board on Pinterest

Of course, with so much that goes into pulling off the most fantastic baby shower ever, you may not have time to make invitations. That’s why there are companies that make some gorgeous handmade invitations that look like you spent all weekend crafting them yourself!

Thematic Intent:

There are an endless number of themes you can choose for this baby shower – everything from a candy-filled soiree to a proper tea party to a spa pamper day just to put a few ideas out there! Be sure to tie the decorations, food, and drinks to this theme as well, bringing everything together in a beautiful setting.

The best baby shower themes are those that mean something special to the guest of honour, as this will make it as memorable as possible. If you can, get into a conversation with mum-to-be about her favourite things – ask about her food cravings, favourite colours, and wish list for gifts. Here are some other ideas:

  • Make it unique by creating a playlist of songs that are loved by the mum-to-be.
  • Have everyone fill in a book with wishes for the mum and baby on the way.
  • Pick a location that feels comfortable for the mum and that can accommodate the number of guests you plan to have at the party.

Funtastic Games:

Depending on the type of baby shower you’ve planned, games could be a big part of the festivities! Here are some game ideas that are sure to bring the laughs and create some memorable moments:

  • Pass the carrot using just your legs and knees to try and hold the carrot in place as you go from one person to the next. This is guaranteed to create a lot of laughter.
  • Guess what is in the poopy nappy! Have guests sniff different nappies to see what you’ve melted in the diaper, such as different candy bars or even tuna or horseradish!  Not a game for the faint-hearted!
  • Figure out the baby food flavour and enjoy savouring the taste of strained squash or mushy peas. Be sure to have some great drinks nearby to wash out the taste!
  • Pin the pacifier/dummy on the baby is a classic game, easy to sort out and fun to play!

Gifts Galore:

If you’re not sure what gift to take new mum, there are a few simple rules of thumb to adhere to. 

1) Remember that every baby deserves the best when it comes to supplies – but they’re so costly!  Help new mum and dad by buying them some lovely essentials to take the pressure off when baby arrives.

2) Pregnancy is difficult, especially those final few weeks!  Choose a few items that will make the new mum feel comfortable and stress-free! After all, she does deserve to be spoiled! This could include gifting her with a foot and leg massage or pregnancy massage to alleviate any discomfort.

3) You don’t have to spend money if you don’t have it.  Why not gift mum-to-be with coupons for future babysitting duties, so she knows she can enjoy time to herself later on?

4) Whatever you choose again does so with the lucky mum-to-be in mind and it will be the best baby shower ever for her!

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