What You Should Know About Samsung the Frame TV


Samsung the Frame TV is the newest innovation in the long line of television sets in the modern world. If there is one appliance that has made the rounds in every household in this country, it is the television set, from the black and white ones to the colored and bulky ones, to the thinnest plasma TVs, and now to the art deco TV. The foremost purpose for getting a television set is to watch shows and movies on it, but who would not want a TV that can function in more ways than one? Just recently, mirror TVs and art deco TVs became popular among the hotel circuit as it was a curious thing for most guests, to see a huge piece of art or a framed mirror and then find out that it works as a television set as well. But then, these were not mass-produced and were not available for the general public as it was sort of a trial run for the TV. But since it became popular and many wanted to buy it for their homes, Samsung came up with a new television set dubbed Samsung the Frame TV. This type of television set comes with a detachable frame that will give the appearance of a framed art piece while not in use and with a flick of the remote control, will instantly change into a high-definition television set. This type of TV can be a conversation piece, it will probably amaze your visitors if you demonstrate to them how it works. At the same time, it will satisfy your aesthetic needs in that it will add beauty and character to your space. Although the Frame TV has been around for a couple of years now, it is still yet to take the market by storm, some people do not see the point of adding a decorative frame to the TV as it takes away from the intended function of the television set. 

Is Samsung the Frame TV a good purchase? 

Some things we buy are out of a whim or a spur-of-the-moment decision, and some TVs we just happened to like and even if we did not need them, we bought them for their size, shape, quality, color, and sound. But if you can purchase something that can serve more than just one purpose, then it is an added bonus and is definitely a good buy. Having a framed piece of art on your TV screen is like having a live painting in your room or house that appears to move in a couple of seconds or minutes depending on your settings. The frames that come with the Samsung the Frame TV will snug on tightly with the TV itself and quickly transform the television set from boring to an art piece. You can also change the frames to suit the current design style of your living room or space and there are many frames to choose from, from industrial minimalist to ornate and eye-catching. The best thing about this television set is that it can be purchased online, you do not even have to go out to look for that particular model. You just need to go to their website and order it from there, from the specific dimensions and features of the TV to the frames that go with it. Once you make your purchase, you just need to wait for it to be delivered to your doorsteps. So, if you think about the ease at which you can get the Samsung Frame TV, the number of accessories that go with it, and the different functions you can get from the TV, then it is indeed the best purchase you will have in a while. 

How to install the Samsung the Frame TV?

Once your new Samsung the Frame TV arrives, check the box thoroughly and make sure that all the parts are complete and that there is no visible damage to the TV itself. You also need to check on the frames and see if it fits snugly on the TV. After that turn the TV on and check if it is functioning as it is supposed to be. You can either hang your frame TV on your mantel or put it on top of a console or a TV stand. The choice will depend on where you want it in your living area if you want it to be permanently attached to a specific area in the home, then it is best to use the brackets that you can attach to a wall. The brackets should fit in nicely with the television set, any difference in height and weight should be recorded and if the discrepancies are too much, then it can be cause for the return of the TV to the vendor as any defect from the company can be replaced with a new one. If everything is according to the contents of the box, then you can proceed with the installation. The TV in itself is a plug-and-play device, you can just immediately plug it into a power source and then play it. You can set it up using the remote control and download the necessary applications so you can start enjoying your new TV. 

How to care for Samsung the Frame TV? 

The materials used in the manufacture of Samsung the Frame TV are eco-friendly and the best way to make sure that it lasts for a long time is to give it your tender loving care. You need to dust it at least three times a week, but if your home is naturally dusty, then you can give it a daily wipe down. Also make sure that it is free from any dirt and moisture as these are the main culprits that can damage the television set. If humidity is high in your area, then do not forget to give the TV a wipe every day so as to prevent the forming of crystals or any organism that can damage the TV. Make sure that when there is no one around the house, unplug the TV so it will not overheat or fluctuate.

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