What You Should Know About Dental Lift And Liplift


You may or may not have heard of Doctor Arthur Glosman, an elite cosmetic and general dentist based in Beverly Hills, California.  His specialty is mostly in root canal, orthodontics, periodontics, and dental implants, among others. He is known for being one of the best in his field, with positive reviews from patients who have had the pleasure of working with him. He has been featured in the media numerous times, at one time he appeared on the Steve Harvey Show where guests were surprised with an opportunity to have beautiful smiles.

The progressiveness of the dental care industry has led to modern methods of getting, enhancing or restoring that beautiful smile. Glosman Dental lift is one such method. It is a non-surgical procedure that gives patients maximum oral health and improves how the patients face and jaw look like. This involves restoring and correcting teeth and bite

The Advantages Include:

  • It is an anti-aging procedure as it reduces the effects and signs of early aging.
  • Improves the shape of a person’s face thus enhancing aesthetic appearance.
  • Effective in correcting overbites, bad bites, and also underbites.
  • It is non-invasive thus safe.
  • Helps solve some sleeping problems.

The procedure is focused on the lower part of the face and makes use of ceramic crowns. It is therefore ideal for people who:

  • Grind their teeth.
  • Have temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ, where one experiences pain in the muscles that control movement of the jaw.
  • Injuries on the area around the mouth or the mouth itself.
  • Teeth missing.
  • Botched dental and bite reconstruction.
  • Worn out teeth.

Another well-known procedure is the Glosman Liplift.  It makes use of ceramic and porcelain crowns as well as veneers. This procedure helps patients who:

  • Have lost skin elasticity around the mouth as an effect of aging.
  • Want a rejuvenated and enhanced smile and facial appearance.

The procedure uses veneers and crowns to give a person a fuller upper lip and thereby restoring a person’s youthful look. The procedure cosmetically modifies the appearance of one’s lips by making the vermilion border more prominent. It takes between one to two hours to perform and up to 10 days to heal. It is possible to have no scar after the procedure is complete and the lip is fully healed.

Doctor Glosman has an impressive resume, having done a lot for the dental fraternity in terms of training and studies, especially in smile design and cosmetic dentistry. His driving force is to give more people beautiful smiles. He does this by ensuring a person gets their dream aesthetics at the same time making it less noticeable to everyone else.

His experience in the United States of America as well as Russia, coupled with extensive training and academic achievements, for example in neuromuscular dentistry, enables him understand how the muscles present in the mouth and the area around the mouth interact. This is one of the reasons he is wildly known and sought out including by the rich and famous people in the US and Russia. 

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