What makes bounce houses a smart party theme?


Celebrating kids’ birthday party is no less than a social event. It heralds the new year of your little one’s life. So, it has to be bigger and amazing than most of the other parties that are flashed across the social networking channels. You can achieve that quickly by setting up a bouncer house theme. The vibrant colors, creative designs, and freedom of movement for kids are the highlights of these, making them an instant hit with everyone including adults. But, apart from these obvious reasons, there are many other factors also which make it the right choice for a party. Find out what are those.

Benefits of using bouncers in the party theme

The economy of the budget

A standard size inflatable castle can cost you about $100 to $250 a day, which is far less an amount compared to what otherwise you would need to spend to arrange for a gala event. And the best part is you can keep your children engaged with it for a whole day without needing to organize any additional activity.

A wider range of choice

These inflatables come in different themes and color schemes keeping in mind the likings of the children. Hence, it becomes easy to select something that fits well into your child’s interest.

Time for socialization

Most parents face a problem when it comes to the socializing part at the party. It feels challenging to divide time between the kids and guests. But, having this theme can solve your problem. While kids jump and bounce inside their dream castle, you can attend your guests and share a peal of hearty laughter or two.

Easy installation

Whether you plan an indoor or outdoor party, with the help of a professional company that provides bounce house rentals, you can get the entire setup done quickly. You don’t have to bother about decorating other areas much because the inflatable structures will themselves be a large piece of decoration.

Good for children’s brain

Bouncers offer opportunities for jumping, climbing, and wandering for kids. These are excellent for the motor-sensory development of your child. And when you introduce theme-based games, such as athletics or classic games, in the setting, it becomes more useful. Any game needs coordination between teams, physical and mental strength, and much more. So, in a way, the bounce houses take care of your kid’s health also.

The advantage of using bouncers in birthday party themes is countless. Nowadays, kids prefer to spend most of their time indoors, watching cartoons or playing video games. From an early age, they become habituated to leading a sedentary life. As a result of which the issues of laziness, slow growth, and other problems ensue. But, with these creative party ideas, you can successfully divert your kid’s attention. Attract him or her to indulge in physical activities like running, jumping, climbing, and sliding. It gives them a good experience of cardio exercise. The excess calories they gain from an unhealthy lifestyle can be efficiently removed. Although one day is not enough, you can count it as the beginning of better days ahead.

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John devid
5 years ago

wow, this blog is helpful for me. thanks to you LaDonna Dennis. you have included all inflatable rentals guideline in your article.

5 years ago

This is a great article. I like hosting house parties.