What to do when you find water damage in your home?


Water flooding in your house is a mishappening. It can happen due to broken taps, unexpected leakages and dysfunctional sewer system. It is unpredictable, but when it comes, it can bring a lot of damage to it. Therefore water damage restoration is urged; it should be done immediately before more damage is caused. We need to pinpoint the root of the problem before we start working on the solution.

Types of water damage:

  1. Clean water

This type of water damage comes from ‘freshwater’. This water is free of contaminants. There is less chance that this water will prove to be harmful. Also, it is easier to clean it until and unless it’s not in excess amount. The source of clean water damage is broken taps, leaking sinks.

  1. Greywater

This type of water damage consists of partially dirty water. This water is more harmful than clean water and causes damage to your house. Mostly it comes from toilets, pumps.

  1. Blackwater

This is the most harmful water damage. This water is full of impurities and pollutants. You have to be extra careful while dealing with this type of damage. It generally consists of leaks from sewage. 

Steps to be followed to restore water damage at your home

Water damage can be very worrying and stressful. Below are some crucial points that will assist you in restoring water damage at your home. 

  1. Dry up your home

When there is water damage get on drying up your home with a vacuum cleaner or some other instruments, please don’t wait for things to get dried up themselves by evaporation. So immediately dry up your home before it does any harm. Call for professional help if the severity is high. 

  1. Take care of all the important belongings 

Important documents can get harmed due to water damage. So it is important to take care of your belongings and keep them in a safe place free from water damage. 

  1. Pay attention to the ceilings

In the case of extreme water damage, the majority of damage is caused to the ceilings and the wall. Try drying up the walls and then clean it up with a dry cloth. If the damage is more, you have to get the whitewash done again. Make sure to get waterproofing done at the time of whitewash as a preventive measure. 

  1. Beware of moulding 

Due to the water damage, the walls can get moulded. Moulding refers to the thinning of walls because the walls absorb the water, because of this accumulation of water the wall loses its thickness and it starts falling off layer by layer. To restore the mould, start drying up the areas where the mould is occurring. Switch off the air conditioner and all other electrical appliances near the wall. 

  1. Look for damaged wood 

The wooden furniture can get damaged due to excessive water. Wood sealing can occur if there is wooden flooring in your home. The only solution in case of damaged wooden flooring is to replace the subpart and to prevent further damage keep the wooden furniture away from the areas wherever the water is assembled. 

To Conclude

Don’t forget to take precautions while restoring the damage. Wear rubber or plastic gloves as a precautionary measure from electrical shocks and skin infections that can be caused due to contaminated water. Wear masks because the odour of the water can cause problems in breathing. 

Certainly, water damage takes 2-3 days to get restored, but it entirely depends upon the gravity of the problem. If the water damage is of severe category, it takes longer to fix it. It is important to fix this problem by yourself or by calling professional help before more damage happens to your home. Good luck!

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