Great Future Career Choices for Your Child to Go into


First and foremost, as a parent, you should not push or pressure your child to go into one specific field just because you, as a parent, think it’s best. It’s important to allow your child to explore their passions and find a role that peaks their unique interests and desires. However, as a parent, it’s normal to want your child to be successful in their professional future and pursue a job role that will help them be financially stable. That’s why it is a good idea to discourage children from declining and super competitive roles, or at the very least, inform them of the challenges and how hard this particular role might be to be successful in. 

Job markets are in constant flux. Over one decade, one particular role might be in demand, while in the next ten years, something might happen socially that forces it into a decline. When aiding your child in picking the future career, they want to go into, you want to consider these ebbs and flows, to help you steer away from any roles that might be dying out. 

You want to be able to identify the most lucrative fields for your child to go into, as knowing about them and their benefits can help encourage them to pursue that particular profession. Here’s a look at what makes a good job and some examples of the fastest-growing roles that are sure to be really good roles to get into over the next ten years. 

What Makes a Good Job 

The following are the three main criteria that make a certain job role or profession a great choice to go into. Using these factors can help you identify some of the most exciting and rewarding roles out there and set your child up for a lucrative and successful future. 

Job Growth 

You don’t want your child to go into a job in a recline because this would make it far more competitive and a lot hard to find a role that’s well paying and rewarding. As a parent, it can be hard to know what roles are currently in good condition, as good jobs in the past, such as manufacturing, are not so prevalent in the present or the future. 

In the modern-day and for years beyond, there are more career openings in fields such as healthcare, technology, and food preparation services. It’s predicted on good authority that these sectors will grow more than 10% in the next decade, while others expect to grow on an average of 4%, making them far more attractive prospects. This is why becoming a nurse practitioner, or a software developer is such a good idea these days, as it’s set to become a booming industry in the near future. Take a look at this site for more information on how to become a nurse practitioner.

Earning Potential 

A good job for your child to pursue is one that’s going to financially reward them well so that they can live in reasonable comfort. Even for entry-level positions, the salary should be enough to support them and pay their bills while also affording small luxuries as well. 

Good job roles should also allow for advancements in financial income, allowing for the child to meet long-term financial goals such as buying a house. The hard numbers that will help people obtain this comfortable living calculated that $78,442 yearly income is around the average for a middle-class household. However, as there are usually two earners in a modern family, you don’t necessarily have to obtain all that income yourself to be comfortable. 

This means that when looking for the most lucrative jobs when searching with your child, try to make sure that there’s a clear pathway to obtaining this kind of money in their profession. 

Educational Requirements

Jobs that are experiencing a lot of growth or roles that allow you to obtain a favorable income usually require you to get a decent level of education, most commonly a bachelor’s degree, with some high-end roles needing a master’s to get into. This need for education can put some children in a tough position: do they sacrifice years of their life studying while incurring debt, or do they enter work early and hope to gain experience and climb up the ladder that way. In truth, it all depends on the child and their desires and needs. However, there are still some lucrative roles that only need a two-year associate’s degree to enter, so it’s worth seeking these out to see if they’re suitable for your child. 

Top Three Roles 

Here’s a look at the top three most lucrative roles that are set to become important sectors in the American job market within the next ten years, making them perfect roles for your teenage child to pursue and prepare for with an education. 

Software Developers 

Software developers design and write software that can run on devices such as computers or phones. These applications are usually created to help users perform specific tasks, and the role usually involves figuring out what end-users need and designing systems to meet those needs. 

The work environment can be a little hectic, as the worker will usually operate as part of a big team working at a computer desk and often put in overtime to compete for tasks. To obtain this role, you’re going to need a bachelor’s in computer science, with many employers looking for staff with master’s degrees too. 

The earnings are what makes this a great role, with the medium salary being $105,590, putting you way over the comfortable living threshold. The field is also set to grow an additional 22%, making it a great option for your child to get into. 

Medical Services Manager

Healthcare is a complicated business, as there is a lot to manage and organize, creating the need for this particular role. Medical Services Managers oversee all the administrative duties, allowing health care providers more time to work with patients. They can work in a variety of healthcare settings, but all are fast passed and high pressure. 

To get into this field, you need a bachelor’s degree in a health management course, as well as vast experience in the healthcare field. People in this field can earn well over £100,000 a year, and with a whooping job growth of 32% in the next decade, it’s set to be a role that might be pretty straightforward to obtain when compared to other professions comparable salaries. 

Postsecondary Teacher 

This role is for teachers who teach at a level higher than the high school level, teaching any subject at all; however, the main demand is health, business, and nursing subjects. These teachers mainly work in both public and private colleges and universities, teaching part-time hours, making it a little less hectic than the other roles discussed. 

It’s a tough role to get as most need at least a Ph.D. in the field that they teach in, which can only be obtained after a four-year degree, meaning that there’s a lot of time spent in education.

The reward is good, however, as you can earn around $80,000 as a postsecondary teacher, and due to it being part-time, there’s also the opportunity to add additional income through writing journals or other endeavors.

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Molo Nolo
2 years ago

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2 years ago

I think that it is wrong to impose any kind of career on a child from childhood. I have done some research on this topic, using a lot of scientific materials, for example, and I can say that this period plays a very important role in the development of personality. The transition from child to adult is very sensitive and is affected not only by the home environment but the whole world in general. Interests, views on life, and principles are formed exactly during this period.

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