What Should You Do When Your Child is Scared of the Dentist


Did you know that around 60% of adults are scared to go to dentist?

For many people, this fear stems from their childhood and it never lessens over time. If you want to help your child maintain their oral health into adulthood, soothing their anxiety at a young age is important.

Is your child scared of the dentist? Keep reading for 5 tips that can help make each trip less stressful.

1. Find a Friendly Dentist

Whether your child needs something as simple as a cleaning or as involved as wisdom teeth removal, finding a friendly dentist will work wonders for their anxiety. Going to a pediatric dental clinic is one of your best options because those dentists are trained to work with children. If you don’t have a good pediatric dentist near you, you can still find plenty of great dentists who can make your child feel comfortable in the chair.

Scheduling a consultation for their first appointment is another way you can ease them into the visits. If they have the chance to meet their dentist without getting any work done, they can build some trust.

2. Bring Along Distractions

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of effective ways you can distract your child from what’s going on in their mouth. Music, movies, and games can help drown out any scary sounds and make them feel safer. Asking your child what their favorite activities are can help you plan ahead so you can bring along the best distractions for their unique tastes.

3. Stay with Them the Whole Time

The worst thing you can do to someone who’s afraid is leave them alone. Since your child looks up to you as their protector, putting on a brave face will give them more confidence. You can hold their hand, talk to them about fun subjects, make silly faces at them, or do anything else you can to reassure them.

4. Explain Everything in Simple Terms

Lots of people’s fear of the dentist comes from fearing the unknown. If your child has anxiety, you can make the dentist seem less scary by explaining everything to them in simple terms. You can speak to their dentist before the appointment starts to ensure you’re both on the same page. Avoiding scary words like “hurt,” “pain,” and “sting” can also soothe them.

5. Use Positive Reinforcement

Going to the dentist is no easy feat for most of us. Make sure your child knows how proud you are both during and after the appointment. You’d be surprised by how far a few hugs and compliments can go.

These Tips Will Help Your Child Not Be Scared of the Dentist

Now that you know what to do if your child is scared of the dentist, you can make each trip more pleasant and help your child continue to take care of their oral health.

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