To Pilates or Not to Pilates?



Pilates are frequently mis-labelled as just “another exercise fad,” however they were developed in the early 20th century and continue to be practiced by millions of people, worldwide. So what is it that keeps everyone coming back for more?
Like yoga, pilates was developed to encourage fitness of the mind and body within each workout session. Control over body motion is emphasized, making pilates perfect for people who need low-impact workouts. Additionally, the variety teachers and classes ensures that there is a unique set of pilates best-suited to each and every person interested in learning. At MOVE Wellness, an Ann Arbor pilates studio, instructors explore the full spectrum of pilates’ potential to be tailored to individual lifestyles.

Class offerings range from Gentle and Pre-Natal Pilates to Power Mat Pilates and Pilates for Functional Strength and Endurance. Each fitness class uses a range of props (or not) to create an experience that is truly tailored to participants’ goals.

Although may non-practitioners may doubt it, taking up pilates or other similar exercise regularly can have a transformative effect on the body. So much so that many professional athletes cross-train with pilates and credit the practice with an increase in speed and overall health. Sounds like something worth trying, right?


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