What Is Family Law? A Simple Guide to What Family Law Is


Family is a bond that can’t be broken, but that often comes with complications as well. There are many attorneys out there that operate within the realm of family matters, most commonly referred to as family law.

What is family law? It covers a variety of legal topics including adoption, divorce, and child custody. There are a lot of different tasks that a family law attorney can do for their clients and many benefits to enlisting their services.

Looking for a general overview of this branch of law? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

What is Family Law?

Why might a family hire a family law attorney? There are many reasons but a few are more common than others.

A family law attorney is often enlisted when a divorce or uncoupling is on the table. A divorce can be a terribly difficult thing for a family to have to go through. A family lawyer can step in and work as a mediator between the two couples. 

They can assist both sides of the marriage during the divorce and ensure that the matter is resolved within the law and to the happiness of the former spouses. One hopes that with an attorney’s help, the case can avoid having to go to court at all. 

Of course, divorces can get even more complicated when children are involved, and family lawyers are often heavily involved with child custody cases as well. A reliable family attorney will help the parting spouses draft up an agreement in regards to custody that is workable for both sides.

A family lawyer would also be the go-to individual when it comes to wills, estates, and other such matters of a family legacy.

Related Practice Areas

What else might a family lawyer be involved in, and what other areas of law rub up against family law? Adoption law would be the major one.

Adoption and the establishment of foster care is an incredibly complicated legal process. How exactly it proceeds will depend on the type of adoption, the country the child is from, state laws where the family lives, and many other factors.

In short: adoption is really difficult. It takes a talented lawyer to work through all the rules and regulations properly. 

Family law also may intersect with other areas of law depending on events that unfold in the life of a family. If a family has members in other countries working to move to America or become citizens, a family attorney might need to dip their foot into the well of immigration law.

In instances of domestic violence, where criminal charges may arise, a family law attorney might need to step in to determine how best to protect the victims and ensure a safe environment for the future.

The Basics of Family Law

What is family law? If you’re looking for an attorney to help you out with legal matters related to your family unit, you might want to know. The above information can help.

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