Get a Lyft! 9 Compelling Consequences of Drinking and Driving


Despite knowing that drunk driving is illegal and comes with several penalties and dire consequences, about 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving every year. Drunk also driving accounts for over 50 percent of all highway fatal crashes.

Alcohol reduces the functionality of the brain and impairs reasoning, thinking, decision making, and muscle coordination, all of which are essential in operating a vehicle. The bigger problem with drunk driving is that it also affects law-abiding citizens as well. The question is, why not just get a Lyft instead of risking everything, and getting punishment for drunk driving?

What do we mean by everything? In this post, we’ll look at the top compelling consequences of drunk driving to help you understand why it is illegal, and why you should never do it.

  1. You Might Incur High Penalties, Fine and Fees

Criminal fines and fees for drunk driving can go from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You face possible driving restrictions as first time offenders get a minimum of 30 days, while repeat or felony offenders get up to years of suspension or permanent revocation. Your vehicle could be confiscated or you could get an ignition interlock device.

If you don’t end up in prison, you may get diversion or probation, which will not only limit your freedom but also require you to follow certain rules. This may seem like an appealing option, but the downside is that it’s very easy for many people to break those rules, which always ends up in extended probation, additional fines, or jail time.

  1. Lost Wages and Limited Employment Opportunities

If you’re caught drunk driving, you’ll possibly spend a day or two in jail, maybe more. This jail time might impede your ability to work, resulting in lost income. Drinking and driving is a serious offense and you’ll find that it has dire consequences on one’s career. Most professions find the offense serious enough to result in revocation of license of termination of employment.

Even if you don’t get fired, you may get demoted, or face other adverse actions due to being charged with a crime or missing work for the duration you were in jail. Even worse, having your license suspended will interfere with your work schedule and might make it hard for you to get there on time. If you get convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony, finding and maintaining employment with a criminal record will not be easy.

It’s more likely to happen if you hold a prestigious position or are employed by the government, and if you’re an attorney at law, you risk being disbarred. These are very dire consequences of drunk driving.

  1. Medical Expenses and Wrongful Death

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons not to drink and drive is the fact that you risk being involved in an accident. You’ll not only be risking your life, but that of other passengers, drivers, and pedestrians as well.

If you end up injuring people or causing wrongful death, the costs involved will go from significant to astronomical in a heartbeat and you’ll most likely be charged with a felony. This is a significant punishment for drunk driving and you can’t get away with it. You’ll need DWI conviction help from a professional attorney.

You may end up paying medical bills, attorney fees, penalties, and fines for the accident, and even if you have insurance, you’ll end up with personal injury lawsuits. The impact of personal injury lawsuits on you, and the parties involved may be long lasting and will have a big financial impact on you. Even worse, you’ll have to deal with guilt for the rest of your life for causing other people pain.

  1. You Face Possible Jail Time

How do you like the thought of ending up in jail, or worse, prison? Not at all right? No one likes the prospect of going to jail but this is the punishment for drunk driving if you get caught.

If you cause an accident while driving, and end up hurting or killing people, you’ll face more severe charges, such as manslaughter or murder, which will leave you in prison for many years.

  1. You Might Cause Property Damages

Even if you’re lucky enough not to cause harm to yourself or anyone, you might damage property. For all you know, what you hit could be worth thousands of dollars, and you will total your car in the process, which will also cost you a lot to fix.

All this trouble, and the punishment for drunk driving you’re likely to get is just not worth it. The best course of action is to get a Lyft instead of driving.

  1. You Risk Increasing Your Insurance Premiums

If you’re caught drinking and driving, there is a possibility it will affect your insurance premiums. You see, insurance premiums are usually based on the risk of a driver, and if you’re at high risk of being involved in a car accident, you’re likely to pay higher premiums.

If you’re convicted for a DUI or a DWI, your insurance company will learn about it, and categorizes you as a high risk driver. As a result, your premiums will skyrocket, which is also a consequence of drunk driving.

  1. Possible Restricted Liberties

Every state has different laws that limit civil liberties for convicted people. For instance, once convicted, you may not be allowed to apply for certain scholarships, to be an emergency child care provider, or to serve as a youth mentor. The Federal Government has its own restrictions because you stand to lose your classified security clearance.

  1. You’ll Set a Bad Example

Apart from placing yourself and others in danger, you risk setting a bad example to others, especially your family members. People who look up to you may think it’s okay to drink and drive, and follow in the same path. In this case, then drunk driving will never stop, so set a good example by getting a Lyft after drinking.

  1. You’ll End Up With a Criminal Record

If there’s one thing that could have a negative impact on your life, it’s a criminal record. You may never be able to clear your records in the future and everyone that needs to run a background check on you will find it. It will affect not just your employment opportunity, but other aspects of your life as well.

Avoid Punishment for Drunk Driving By Getting a Lyft

If you needed a reason to never drink and drive, this post gives you not just one, but nine of them. You can’t escape the punishment for drunk driving. There are so many negative consequences of drunk driving that getting a Lyft every time you drink is absolutely worth it.

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