Top Causes behind Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles are cool machines, making commuting easier even in places with high traffic; giving you a sense of thrill that might be hard to find with any other vehicle. But they can be quite dangerous as well! Motorcycles are light-weight, can get easily misbalanced, and offer very little protection. This makes riding them a lot more dangerous than a car. In fact, motorcyclists are over 5 times more likely to be injured in a crash per vehicle mile traveled, as compared to a car! 

Apart from wearing protective gear, knowing about the common reasons behind motorcycle crashes can be helpful in staying safe on the road. So, here are the top causes for motorcycle accidents: 

Cars Making Left Hand Turns

A car in front making left hand turn is generally the most dangerous situation for motorcyclists. In fact, 42% of motorcycle crashes are caused due to this. Generally, the collision between the motorcycle and the turning car happens when the motorcycle is going through an intersection or trying to overtake the car, according to experts at Law Offices of Alexander M. Gurevich PC, a renowned motorcycle accident attorney firm in Houston.

 In most of the cases, the vehicle making the left turn is found at fault in such cases. However, if the motorcycle is in the wrong lane or is speeding, the verdict can be different. 

Lane Splitting

Motorcycle lane splitting takes place when a bike rider drives between two lanes of traffic which are moving at a slow pace or completely stalled. Such a maneuver can lead to accidents because the motorcycle is moving in extremely tight spaces, close to the cars. In case of even a slight imbalance, the bike rider might collide with the traffic. The stalled cars also do not expect a motorcycle to be moving through such small spaces. They might also try to move their vehicle, or open their door without checking their rear-view mirrors, leading to crashes.

Knowing who is responsible for accident in such cases depends upon whether lane splitting is permissible in that state or not. Lane splitting is only allowed in California. So, if you are in a crash due to lane splitting someplace else, such as Houston it would be a good idea to get a motorcycle accident lawyer to avoid damages. 

Bad Driving Conditions

A motorcycle works while balancing grip and acceleration. Bad driving conditions can cause the motorcycles to lose grip, disturbing this balance and resulting in crashes. The bad conditions could be because of rain, snow, or ice on the road. Encountering a patch of gravels on the road can also make the driving conditions unsafe. In such cases, it is best to drive at low speeds and maintain distance with other vehicles. 

Alcohol Use and Speeding

In around half of the cases of motorcycle accidents, speeding or alcohol use is involved. It isn’t surprising because alcohol is also a common factor in almost all vehicle accidents. But since motorcycles do not offer much protection, such crashes have more chances of being fatal.

In case you are involved in a crash in Houston or LA, it would be a great idea to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. They would be able to find out who was responsible for the crash and get you the compensation you deserve for your physical injuries, loss of work, and property damage. 

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