What does IVF stand for?


What is IVF? 

IVF is In Vitro Fertilization. This term refers to fertilization of the egg by the partner’s or donor’s sperm in a petri dish to increase the chances of successful conception. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born in 1978. Millions more children have been born via IVF since then. 

Why do IVF? 

IVF is a well-known fertility treatment, but it is actually not the most common. Most patients are able to use fertility drugs and other techniques first to heighten their chances of successful conception. For example, IVF allows you to inject sperm into the egg to cause conception when the sperm cannot fertilize the eggs naturally. IVF is one of the last fertility treatments a couple can try to create their family.  

You can learn more about IVF and the various other types of infertility treatment at Wessex Fertility.

What are the benefits of IVF? 

IVF is used in conjunction with other advanced infertility treatments such as ICSI. IVF chooses the healthiest embryos in order to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Good IVF clinics focus on the quality of eggs, not the quantity. This reduces the risk of going through yet another heartbreaking miscarriage.

IVF also allows you to create multiple embryos and screen for genetic disorders. This means you don’t have to worry about giving birth to a child with a genetic disorder and it’s unlikely you will have to face the debilitating decision to terminate your pregnancy because of complications with the embryo. 

IVF is also an option for patients whose infertility is unexplained, and it is the only treatment option for women who want to use donor eggs due to menopause or premature ovarian failure. IVF treatments are forever improving, and treatment success rates continue to increase. 

What are the risks of IVF? 

There is certainly the risk that you’ll go through an IVF cycle and not become pregnant. The risk of failed cycles increases with age. If you’re over their age limit, NHS won’t cover your treatment, so you will have to visit a private fertility clinic. However, this will be far more beneficial as private clinics are able to provide a much higher level of service and can provide specialist treatments catered to your needs. 

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