5 Reasons Why Moms Should Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training


If you’re like the average mom, you probably find a boatload of things on your plate every day. It seems impossible to enjoy some “me” time, but you shouldn’t neglect to care for your body while still playing your role effectively as a mother. Practicing yoga can introduce a wealth of health benefits in your life. And you may want to enroll in a yoga school even if you have zero plans for teaching. Now, this may not make sense at first, but keep reading to learn how moms can benefit from yoga teacher training.

1) You’ll have a deeper appreciation about your body

Many moms feel insecure about their bodies. It’s easy to forget how unique your physiology is given all the changes in your body, especially after giving birth. One of the best things about enrolling with a registered yoga teacher training is that you’ll learn how to appreciate your body’s individuality through different asana labs. At Yandara, for example, trainees get to dissect different postures and learn how their body can best express them. The idea is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your body, allowing you to make the adjustments that will serve your body in the long run.

2) You’ll minimize the risk of injury

How many times have you hurt yourself while doing some simple household chores? More times than you can count, probably. Developing body awareness makes it easier to perform everyday activities while minimizing the risk of injury. You may even have a newfound pleasure in walking mindfully, reminding you of the little things in life that contribute to your overall wellness.

3) You’ll create strong relationships

What’s great about entering yoga school is that you’ll meet other people who share the same goals. You can bet that those you meet in training will make an impact in your life. Learning from their unique experiences allows you to grow as a person and as a yoga practitioner while forging friendships that may last a lifetime.

4) You’ll master the asana practice

Of course, learning from professional yoga instructors will ultimately help you deepen your asana practice. You’ll find yourself paying attention to the smallest of details, practicing longer yoga sessions, and developing awareness of alignment, all of which carry over to your everyday tasks. You might even surprise yourself by expressing postures you never thought you’d be able to do.

5) You’ll feel more confident in your abilities

Being a mom often requires making sacrifices in other areas of your life. Sometimes, you feel a bit rusty when you try the things you were once good at. Through yoga, you’ll regain confidence in your abilities. Staying consistent with your practice helps you connect with your true self and identify the steps you need to take to maximize your potential. Whether you’re looking to re-enter the workforce, increase your energy to perform your responsibilities as a mom, or even teach yoga in the future, yoga teacher training can be just what you need to inch closer toward your goals.

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