What Are Your Career Options With an MHA Degree?


A Masters in Health Administration (MHA) degree is a graduate degree that can be completed, typically in two to four years of study, after earning a bachelor’s degree. Individuals interested in this field have the option of taking studies on campus or through an online MHA degree program. Completing an MHA can have a big payoff by expanding your career alternatives, increasing your earning potential, and ensuring you qualify for advancement opportunities. This is also a versatile graduate degree that can lead to a career in a number of different venues and fields. The following are some of the common and not-so-common career choices for those with an MHA degree.

Social and Community Service Managers

Social and community service managers are management professionals. Their roles can involve opportunities in both the healthcare field or in community and social services. A social and community services manager typically oversees budgets and programs for a program. They may manage a community health facility and be responsible for a team of health educators and community health workers who help provide healthcare education and access to community members. Other social and community service managers may supervise probation officers and ensure that parolees are being effectively monitored. The median salary for these professionals is over $65,000 annually, and there is strong job growth for this career, making it an excellent entry-level option for those graduating with an MHA degree.

Medical and Health Services Managers

As part of their duties, medical and health services managers may be responsible for securing Medicare quotes from a company such as Easy Medicare. They use these quotes to prepare operating budgets for a hospital, medical clinic, or other healthcare facilities. They must make sure that their health center is following all regulations and laws, operating efficiently, and oversee staff. They are often the public face of the medical facility at board meetings. A good medical and health services manager knows what resources they have at their disposal and can organize operating procedures so that their staff and physical resources are fully utilized so that they can increase profits or offset losses as required. Medical and health services managers need legal, healthcare, and financial knowledge to perform their tasks effectively, and strong leadership and organizational skills are important in this career field. With strong job growth expectations and a median salary of almost $100,000 per year, this is a very attractive career option for those with an MHA degree.

Administrative Services Managers

Administrative services managers are enjoying steady job growth and enjoy a median annual income of over $96,000. They may work for healthcare facilities, educational programs, finance companies, insurance companies or technical services. Administrative services managers are employed by both the government and the private sector, which expands their opportunities. Their duties vary to include implementing policies and procedures, ensuring government regulations are followed and overseeing administrative staff. Those who work at large facilities may have a specific focus in their daily role, while those who are employed at smaller centers may be responsible for all relevant management tasks. It’s not always necessary to have a masters degree to work in this field, which makes it possible for individuals with an MHA to have an advantage when pursuing opportunities as an administrative services manager. 

Postsecondary Education Administrators

Postsecondary education administrators work for colleges and universities. Their roles can vary depending on the specific department they work in. Common duties include processing student applications. They determine which students are offered acceptance, which ones are put on a waiting list, and which applicants are denied acceptance. They may also be responsible for analyzing student acceptances to identify trends in their student population. When individuals come to tour their school’s facilities and learn about the programs, the postsecondary education administrator may also meet these individuals and promote the school to the potential applicants. Job growth for postsecondary education administrators is steady, and as of 2018, the median income for these professionals was over $94,000 per year.

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Amar Kumar
4 years ago

Hello Ladonna,

Health Care Management is a rapidly expanding section of the healthcare industry. There is a growing demand for professionals who hold an MHA degree.

This degree offers a lot of career option like – Hospital Administrator, Assistant administrator, Health services manager and Healthcare technologist etc.

~ Amar Kumar

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