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Ditch the hormones for the most effective, all-natural fertility management solution for planning OR preventing pregnancy!

Plan or prevent pregnancy the all-natural, non-invasive way with daysy, the most effective, all-natural fertility management solution!

Daysy provides women with an alternative and hormone-free way to plan OR prevent pregnancy, by providing a quick and easy way to monitor fertility.

Using daysy is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Wake up.
2. Take your temperature using daysy.
3. Within seconds, know your fertility status for that day, with daysy’s easy color-coded system.


Does It Work?
Based on 25 years of experience, and several clinical studies, daysy predicts fertility with an accuracy of 99.3% (that’s as accurate, or more accurate, than other tools including the Pill, the Shot, IUDs, etc.)!

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The Science Behind daysy
Daysy determines fertility status by tracking the user’s basal body temperature (BBT), the most advanced temperature sensor available (1/100 of a degree precision). The user’s temperature is then automatically compared with daysy’s proprietary bio-mathematical forecasting software, which is based upon data from over one million cycles. Daysy determines, analyzes and displays the user’s fertility status (fertile, not fertile, not sure – still learning), through a simple color-coded system, displayed right on the device.

The Power of daysyView

DaysyView, a free, mobile app that can be used to augment daysy or as a standalone tool for non-daysy users, is available for download in the iPhone app store. DaysyView tracks menstruation and ovulation cycles and provides users with weekly status updates, including a cycle forecast, temperature curve, and cycle statistics. DaysyView also allows users to share insights with partners and connect with daysy’s expert team for advice and support.


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