What Are the Benefits of Monitoring Systems for Aging Parents?


The number of senior citizens in America is on track to double by 2060. This means families are increasingly facing difficult choices about how to ensure the health and safety of aging parents, particularly those living alone or far away from relatives. 

Many are turning to monitoring systems for help. But how beneficial are these systems and what do they have to offer? Here are the top five reasons an elderly monitoring system might be right for you. 

1. Monitoring Extends Aging Parents’ Independence

More than three-quarters of seniors report wanting to stay in their homes as they age. Today’s seniors are more active than ever and often deeply engaged in their communities. Staying at home enables them to maintain these ties and their healthy, vibrant lifestyles. 

Along with simple physical modifications to make homes safer, installing an elderly monitoring system can help seniors remain in their homes as long as possible. 

2. Monitoring Supports Better Health Outcomes 

Maintaining control over their lives and staying connected to friends, family, and their communities has been proven to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of aging elderly Americans. By making it possible for seniors to remain in their homes, monitoring systems enable seniors to access and enjoy all of the resulting health benefits as well. This can lead to both longer lifespans and better quality of life during seniors’ golden years. 

3. Monitoring Captures Early Warning Signs

If something does begin to go awry while your elderly mom or elderly dad is living alone, a state-of-the-art monitoring system can make sure that you and other appropriate parties know about it right away. Many systems offer pre-programmed text alerts, which means that you or the designated party finds out right away if your loved one:

  • Is off their usual routine
  • Strays into unsafe areas of their home
  • Is potentially at risk from common safety hazards

This can help you identify warning signs before a serious problem occurs and give you the solid information you need to make decisions about changes to your parents’ supports, resources, or living situations. 

4. Monitoring Increases Confidence and Peace of Mind

Knowing that your elderly parents are living the way they want to but also safe can give an entire family peace of mind. Having the hard data that monitoring provides can also help families get on the same page about decision-making, which reduces stress and strife. 

5. Monitoring Is an Affordable Alternative to Full-Time Care

Installing a monitoring system for elderly in the home is a cost-effective alternative to assisted living, full-time in-home care, and other common options for seniors who may need a little help. Families can install an entire in-house system for less than the cost of a single month’s residency in an assisted living facility. For families seeking to stretch retirement or fixed-income dollars, this can be a life saver. 

Supporting Your Aging Parents

The right monitoring tools and systems can give you and your aging parents peace of mind as they age in place. Learn more great ways to help your parents stay safe and enjoy their freedom as they age by exploring the other great articles on our blog today.

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