What’s a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation? Everything You Need to Know


Do you need a drug and alcohol evaluation?

Dependence on substances is one of the common problems of society today. Once a person becomes addicted, stopping becomes the hardest task.

About 8% of the population needs treatment for drug and alcohol dependence. However, it’s hard to know who’s dependent on drugs or alcohol. The solution is to have a drug and alcohol evaluation.

If you’re new to substance evaluation, these are the things you need to know about it. Read what we have below and learn more. 

What Is a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation?

A drug and alcohol evaluation is an interview with a licensed therapist to know the severity of their substance dependency. The person will go through a series of questions and testing about their history of use.

When Is Evaluation Necessary?

This evaluation becomes a requirement when you’re arrested for drunk driving. The laws of many states require an alcohol evaluation in these cases. It also applies to non-DUI-related crimes, such as drug abuse.

Substance abuse evaluation is also a requirement for states with DUI court programs where all participants must join. For example, if you’re an offender, you must undergo a complete substance abuse evaluation. It’s a requirement before you can reinstate your suspended license.

Why Do You Need an Evaluation?

During the evaluation, accurate means of knowing the person’s dependency is important. Screening tools prove whether you’re dependent.  

Using screening tools at an early stage can serve as prevention once experts ascertain dependency. Doing alcohol and drug evaluation can help increase awareness of substance abuse. It helps you get the right treatment before it gets worse.  

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Family and friends are often the first people to recognize when their loved one has an alcohol or drug problem. A sudden personality change or an increase in hostility is a potential sign. Asking the person directly is a good way to know if they have a problem. 

Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Dependence 

There is no rule for a person to have drug and alcohol dependence because it can happen to anyone. It can start with the use of prescription drugs, going out of control as time passes. When a person experience stress, pain, or loss, it may cause them to use these substances. 

Keep an eye out for signs like fixation to have a steady supply. For example, they become desperate to get the substance even if they can’t afford it. You can also do a drug and alcohol evaluation online.

Learn What Is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Today

Substance dependence can affect your life and the lives of people close to you. If you need help, don’t hesitate and have a drug and alcohol evaluation as soon as possible.

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