Watches make Summer Fun!




Watches sure do make summer seem to go by faster.  And the stylish watches over at Rumba Time will make you feel like a rock star. 


My mother loves watches, and now she wears her Rumba Time watch every where.  She loves it.  The band is sleek, and cozy.  There aren’t numbers on this watch, but you still know what time it is, because it’s easy to read. 

The Orchard Tortoise: Made of durable silicone with gold and tortoise accents, water resistant and available in five colors.  At only $45, that’s an excellent price.


The watches over at Rumba Time are fantastic.  I’ve never seen so many stylish pieces of art.  My favorite watch is the one pictured above.  This watch, known as the Orchard Chain, Multi chain-link band with clasp and gem face. Available in six colors.  Available for $60, is such a great value, and you can use it for dress down, or dressing for a formal party.


 this is super.  I love getting my man something amazing every once in a while.  I’m sure we all do.  I love this stylish watch for any man.  And it’s on sale for only $75, down from $95.

Bowery street is the oldest thoroughfare in NYC and has seen everything and everyone through the years, heck, even George Washington stopped at a tavern on its streets. And it continues to play host to some of the Rumba crew’s favorite spots in the city. So when we created this classic timepiece with a stylish canvas and leather band we knew exactly what to call it!

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