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 It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun, and it’s fun too! has a great selection of designer frames and sunglasses. They make you want to protect your eyes, and offer amazing fashion statements. 

“Style and flair are always a girl’s best friend and whether you’re looking for the latest in designer frames or prescription lenses,’s sunglasses for women has the perfect pair to match your style.
Sunglasses have always been a great fashion accessory that offered simple protection from the sun, but now they offer important safety features such as UVA/UVB protection from harmful rays, as well as Polarized lenses, which help to safeguard your eyes from sun glare. Whether you’re looking for metal frames, plastic frames, or frames that are a hybrid of both; or even a solid colored-frame versus those wacky and fun frames, has you covered.”

I wear glasses throughout the year, and summer presents the challenge of finding prescription sunglasses that are fashionable and trendy. has the solution for people like me! I fell in love with this pair by Kam Dhillon. Coastal was able to put in prescription lenses for me, in a coordinating brown color. No longer do I need to settle for less when purchasing sunglasses! I can now order the same pairs as those who don’t wear glasses. 

Coastal 2 has something for every budget, without compromising on fashion!

The Kam Dhillon line is affordable, with a variety of beautiful options.

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They also have global designers, such as Dior for those of us who prefer to go the Paris route.

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 As I struggle to lose my post-baby weight, the Spring and Summer months are the most crucial for me to get back into an exercise routine. At the same time, it’s important to me to be safe outdoors, and protect myself from the sun. I am careful with putting on sunscreen, but protecting my eyes is very important too. On today’s exercise walk, I gave my Kam Dhillon sunglasses from a test run.

I was not only more comfortable, without the sun in my eyes, but I felt so good! They look great on me, and I did not have to worry about putting on contacts (which hurt my eyes) so that I can protect myself. Sunshine is also a big cause of my migraine, and these sunglasses help to protect me. is my number one spot for glasses year round. But, in the summer months, when I try to get more sunshine, having prescription sunglasses really saves my day!

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Nice Post… Thanks For Sharing…

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Hi menucha hope you & your family fine ! I like your blog & this post too. Thanks for sharing !