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Ties and belts. These are the go too staples for Father’s Day gifts. This year you can still fall back on the stuff you know he’ll like, but with style. Kore Essentials has an amazing belt that my husband loves and I think yours will too. No more tearing your belt where the buckle closes. No more holes. You can adjust this belt to how you are feeling the day you put it on. This is truly a one size fits all. Even if you ate a little too much at Father’s Day lunch you can just loosen the belt up a little and it will still fit perfect. My husband also has a nickel allergy that we were worried about, but with the Kore Essential belt his skin never touches the buckle. 

The quality of these belts are amazing. The leather looks nice and can be worn with a suit of just some jeans. There are all kinds of color and selection that you are bound to find one that the man in your life will love. You could get three of these and be able to pair it with anything in your closet. 




Instead of belt holes – Trakline uses a simple, hidden track with over 40+ size positions to adjust with – all in
    ¼” increments. In the other corner, most “regular belts” have just 5 holes, a full inch apart. The result > Trakline
    is 8X’s more adjustable, giving you a precise 
fit every time, and there’s no belt holes to stretch, crease, or add to.
    Ouch, that had to hurt.  Sorry regular belt.
We’ve designed a limited collection of unique automatic, mens belt buckles to enhance your Kore style. At last,
    a men’s belt that’s smart, simple, and stylish for dress, work or casual situations. 
Our belts are built to last. The belts are premium Full-Grain Leather (the highest grade of leather). Full-grain actually Front.Back.Graphic.6.23__95646.1412034673.1280.1280
    improves with age, conforming to your waist shape. XL Belts are genuine leather. The belt buckles are constructed
    of either solid stainless steel, or high-grade zinc alloy, depending on your choice. 
Trakline leather belts fit any waist size from 24” up to 44” (XL sizes to 54″). Try on the belt, then trim off the excess
    leather (using household scissors) to attain your optimal size range. Then the 10″ track creates a precise fit as your
    waist fluctuates in and out every day. 
We set out to redefine those essential accessories you use each day. Our approach is pure >> blend innovation with 
    superior materials to create unique, more exciting products that exceed expectations.
If you don’t completely love your Trakline belt, just send it back within 30 days for a full refund. And of course, all our
    products come with a one-year warranty against defects or breakage, to keep you happy. 
Free First-Class Shipping to all USA destinations.  Most orders ship within 1-2 business days. 
We first launched our Trakline belts in the summer of 2013 thru the crowdfunding site “Kickstarter”, with the simple vision 
    of creating a stylish leather belt for men – that fit better. To us that meant it had to be both functional, fashionable and even
    a little fun. We wanted to offer a wide variety of Men’s buckle styles appropriate for dress, work, casual, and even play days.
    Our full-grain leather belts are now available in a myriad of classic colors, including black, brown, tan, gray and white. Our
    XL belts are genuine leather due to lengths. All of our belt buckles carry a full 30-day money back guarantee and a one year
    warranty against buckle breakage, or unusual leather wear under normal usage. When it comes to mens belts and buckles, 
    we strive to use only the best quality materials, engage superior craftsmanship and innovate to exceed supporter expectations.


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