VR Point-and-Shoot Camera will Let You Rewind your Life and Relive Your Memories


Imagine taking a step into an episode of Black Mirror where you can capture all your experiences and keep them safe for future memories. A new Virtual Reality camera is bringing humanity all a little closer to that. VR headsets are now letting their users capture memories on the go and in a more immersive way.

Engage with life while making memories

Lenovo’s new mirage camera basically lets people take even better shots while focusing on the 3D factor to make it more attractive for later. This also makes it easier to capture and gives the viewer amazing results. To view the 3D version of your results, you will need to use the Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset. This gives people the newfound ability to watch their memories take life all over again.

Take it up a notch

The new VR experience makes everything more attractive including everything from your video games to online casino games. The amazing part about this camera is it allows you to pick between a 2D version or a 3D version. You can always go look at a flat screen as well. The VR headset is also powered by Google’ smartphone which automatically makes it a dependable option for any avid photographer looking to make memories.

But keep it simple

The camera has absolutely no screen and only a few buttons to deal with making it a simple solution that just about anybody can use. You can capture just about everything with great resolution and the ability to make it 3D in a matter of seconds. All pictures are surprisingly enough captured in the 180-degree format rather than a 360-degree format.

Get on the Play Store

VR 180 is another app that is available on the Google Play Store to make the entire experience even the better. With the help of this app, you can make any desired changes and reach perfection. This app allows you to change the quality of your image while also managing the little settings that can change the way a camera works and what it captures. These features really come in use when the camera is used in a more professional setting.

The app also allows you to see your content as multiple mini thumbnails which you can then either download onto your phone or move on to the VR device to look at it in all its glory.

Allowing your kids to go through it is another part of the process that is enjoyable, to say the least. Looking at them jumping up and down also brings out the kid within you making it a cool gadget to add to your collection.

The technology is moving even faster than somebody ever thought, new upgraded devices are set to launch with every passing day. So, this always leaves quite a few fans of technology waiting for what is next.

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5 years ago

I am planning to buy VR Point-and-Shoot Camera. After reading I learn lots of things. Thanks

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Yes indeed its an impressive guide. I was looking for a good camera for my next holiday trip.

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