Juggling Act – 5 Hacks for Working Moms to Balance Family & Career


The challenge of balancing one’s life is integral to the human condition. We are born, we juggle…then, well, you know the ending. Another unavoidable universal truth is that modern mothers have the most balls in the air. There is a lot of talk about creating equality in parenting; however, it still eludes most families. It therefore often falls to the mothers to grapple with the reality of their work and family responsibilities, and create a life of healthy balance, which allows their family to flourish.

You Are Not Alone

The challenges that come with successfully mothering, in addition to competing in your chosen work environment, require next-level life management skills. It doesn’t take much for the balance to tilt either way and can result in feeling overwhelmed and isolated. Fortunately, modern life also provides the tools and support that working mothers need to win at the balance game. From apps to keep you on track, to enlightened childcare whose aim is to create the optimal experience for our children in their formative years, and support working mother’s commitments.

App-y Mother, Happy Family

Yay for apps! They provide the back-office support for maintaining the moving parts of our busy lives. They help keep families in their happy place, streamlining the priorities, and whittle down the time-consuming tasks. Here are some of the most popular with working mothers:


Free and easy to use, Cozi provides a go-to place for all your important dates, meetings, to-do lists and even recipes and grocery lists.


An online notebook that allows you to record everything you see, hear or want to remember. A second brain backup for ‘mummy brain’ overload.

TimeTune (Android) / ATracker (iOS)

Want an app to track your routine and help you identify where things need rebalancing? Look no further.

Preparation is Queen

When Malcolm X said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”, no doubt he was not referring to packing lunches and making dinners. However, the key to success is preparation; down to life’s smallest, yet unavoidable, details and routines. Prepare school lunches the night before, cook and freeze dinners, order groceries online, book a regular cleaner …whatever it takes. Plus, delegate like the queen you are.

It Takes a Village

Childcare support has changed dramatically for working mothers in today’s mobile world. Many parents live away from grandparents and family members who traditionally provided childcare support. Enter modern childcare to supplement your role as a working mother. Finding the right childcare environment in which your child will thrive, will contribute mightily to your peace of mind. Make a list what’s important to you and don’t hold back in asking the questions that ensure you get the answers you seek.

Zen Is Your Friend

Self-care is so important when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges, no matter how many foolproof strategies we put in place. Your inner world has a direct effect on the outer, so make time for de-stressing with whatever keeps you feeling in peak mental and physical shape. Whether it’s meditation, yoga or working out at the gym, what you do is less critical than that you do something. Include the family by creating a mix of solo and inclusive activities to enjoy weekly.

The emotional wellbeing of your family relies on the harmonious integration of the needs of all, especially you. It can feel very daunting at times, and at others, it will flow beautifully. Just remember –  shortcuts, support systems and technology are there to help make you the boss of your life, not the other way around!

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