Arctic Car Charger 7200, don’t leave home without it this Holiday!



Traveling this Holiday? Well, Arctic Car Charger 7200 will keep all your gadgets charged while you’re on the road. Nothing like traveling with the kids and you forget to bring along your chargers. I’ve had that happen so many times when I’ve traveled with my kids, a few times we ended up on the roadside sifting threw our bags looking for a car  charger.
As you may know USB chargers for the car are all over the market, but what makes this Car Charger 7200 from Arctic different is its uniqueness of having three individual USB 2.0 ports. It’s the perfect USB charger for families and tech lovers!

Now the design is pretty simple, the Arctic Car Charger 7200 is all black and is engraved with Arctic logo signature. One thing for sure the Arctic Car Charger 7200 will definitely blend in with any car interior. The USB port is very small so you won’t have to worry about plugging in a bulky charger into your cigarette lighter socket. This USB charger will be placed safely away from your car gear stick too.

The 3 post charger is actually about 63 x 36 x 22 mm and weighs in at 27 grams, so it’s not big at all but trust me it packs a lot of power.

chargerrrrrrrrrNot only is this charger equipped with the power to charge your devices, it’s equipped to simultaneously charge three devices at once. So let’s say the kids and you need to boost up your gadgets, everyone can just add their device to the USB and sit back and wait for them to be charged… right!

I’m sure before long everyone’s device will be charged and ready to be used. Do you know that Arctic have integrated a smart system where each USB port independently regulates the flow of electricity, producing an optimized and correct speed of charge for each device. I believe this flow of electricity will charge your devices easily!


For a price of (£14.99),  you can’t go wrong with investing in an effective car charger like this one from the Arctic! So the next time you’re headed on the road for a road trip, don’t forget to have your Arctic Car Charger 7200  sitting by your side while you’re in the car!



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