Villages, Valleys and Views: The best hikes of the Amalfi coast


The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its charms are its picturesque villages, valleys, and views. One of the top tourist destinations in the world, the “Amalfitana” road, which connects all the villages in the Amalfi Coast, is buzzing with guests, and planning your itinerary ahead can be highly convenient during your trip. While you can comfortably find the most scenic villas on Amalfi Coast here, our suggestions of the most dreamy villages, valleys, and views to add to your itinerary are listed below.


In between the bustling Positano and the town of Amalfi sits the ancient seaside fishing village of Praiano. A lesser-known attraction in the Amalfi Coast, Praiano is a popular centre of arts and is an absolute delight for the tourists as much as it had been for the Doges (Dukes) in medieval times. The main attractions in Praiano are its stunning seas and panorama. The Marina di Praia beach is absolutely worth a visit, as well as the St. Luke Cathedral and the Church and Convent of Santa Maria. 


Maiori is perhaps the largest village in the Amalfi Coast, and with its vibrant houses and abundance of restaurants, cafes, and bars, it is much livelier than many other villages. Loved for its beaches, Maiori also consists of historical monuments like the Church of Santa Maria a Mare and the Santa Maria de Olearia, which are worth a visit. 

Ferriere Valley 

Beginning in the cloudy mountains of Scala and ending in the scenic Amalfi, the Ferriere Valley is akin to paradise. Abundant in plant and animal diversities, the Ferriere also consists of small waterfalls and connects to three villages: Pogerola, Ravello, and Scala. The Woodwardia fern discovered in 1710 is one the rarest plants in the world today and is a living fossil. 

Sambuco Valley

The Sambuco Valley is perhaps the lesser-known valleys in the Amalfi Coast. It starts north from the village of Minori and explores beautiful lemon orchards and paper mills. At its top is the historic Convent di San Nicola, sheltered in vast Oak and Pine trees offering a stunning view from its top.

Path of the Gods 

A clifftop trail between Agerola and Positano, running along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and offering a spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the Path of Gods. This 7.8 kilometres trek offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean, leading through historic coastal towns. It provides some of the most beautiful scenery along its way in the form of rich curtains of trees and shrubs that are truly unforgettable. 

Fiordo di Furore Bridge

The Fioro di Furore Bridge offers some of the most picturesque views of Amalfi’s tiny hidden pebble beach and its clear turquoise waters. A fjord that has created an inlet due to the Schiato torrent, this bridge connects towns of the Amalfi coast and is a popular boating spot with a few houses and restaurants nearby. For many, it is the highlight of their trip.

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