5 Tips for a Stress-Free Move With Kids


Moving into a new home can be a lot to deal with. When you add kids into the mix, there is so much more to contend with. This doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful event. If you plan well ahead, you can have a smooth move. These tips will help you to deal with the challenges of moving with kids and make it stress-free:

Communication Is Key

Start off by having an open conversation with the entire family, and frame the move positively. Try to get the kids excited, and tell them about all the things they have to look forward to. You may have to be prepared for numerous questions. Provide answers to help them overcome their fears. For kids, uncertainty can be really scary. 

Involve Your Kids in the Decision-Making Process

Get your children involved in the discussions and decisions related to the move wherever possible. Take them along when you go house-hunting. Get a sense of their feelings and if they are comfortable about moving. Be sensitive to their concerns about making new friends, having new teachers, and any other changes. Let your child help with the packing, and involve them by letting them choose the color of their room and decorating it. This will give them a sense of control in a situation where events in their lives may seem to be out of their hands.

Help Them Keep in Touch With Old Friends 

A move may seem like the end of the world for some children. The hardest part of relocating for adolescents is having to leave close friends behind. Friendships can be critical for some kids, and they could feel isolated moving into a community where they are not connected with a peer group. Reassure your kids that moving away doesn’t mean losing old friendships. Remind them that they can stay in touch through social media.

A Smooth Moving Day

Moving day can be really stressful for everyone. Hiring a reputable moving company such as Rainbow Movers who have experience and ability to provide high-quality service will mean that you can focus on getting the kids organized and dealing with any issues that may arise on the day. Professional movers will help you with your packing. If you need to keep some of your belongings in storage, the movers will be able to provide short-term and long-term storage solutions. 

Make Friends With Your New Neighbors

Once you have unpacked and settled in, make an effort to make an effort to get to know your new neighbors. Get the children involved in baking cookies, and go knocking on doors introducing yourselves. You could organize a get-to-know playdate, a barbeque, or board games event for children and parents at your house. It would be an opportunity for your kids to make friends and bond with the community.

Make sure you have the move well planned, taking all the details into consideration. Having the kids on board and happy about the move will be a game-changer.  You can look forward to a  stress-free move and a new life in your new home.

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Then, shut the door to your child’s room and start unpacking. The rest of the house may be in chaos and you may have to order take-out, but your child will have a calm, safe space surrounded by her familiar things, which goes a long way to helping her adjust and feel good about the move.