A Week in Oregon on a $60,000 Salary


When you earn an income, one of the things which many people like to do with that money is turn it into disposable income. People in the United States like to spend money on a variety of things. This can include a new car, video game systems, and even nights out on the town with friends and family.

One of the places which offer many opportunities to spend your hard-earned dollars is the state of Oregon. There is no shortage of stores and businesses which provide great options for spending money. Today we’ll focus on places in Oregon where you can spend your salary.

Women’s Clothing

When living in Oregon, you can enjoy the metropolis areas of Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Each of these places offers a host of things for you to do, at decently priced options. One activity that stays the same amongst many of these places is the fact that they offer plenty of retail shopping options. Popular amongst these include shopping for women’s clothing. For instance, when in Oregon, begin your search for women’s clothing retail stores by doing a Google search for “women’s clothing near me”. Many stores in these areas provide a selection of some of the best merchandise when it comes to women’s clothing. Some of the more popular women’s clothing stores include Chico’s, Tumbleweed, and Nikkie Jane’s Boutique. These places include items like stylish dresses, blouses, bras, and other items for a constantly growing wardrobe.

In addition to buying new items for your wardrobe, you can also sign up for credit cards at many of these locations. These cards are specific to each women’s clothing store, often providing different incentives for customers who become cardholders after receiving credit approval. These incentives may include total purchase discounts on an entire transaction amount. In addition to credit cards, many of these places offer gift cards. You can purchase these for friends, and family so they can also enjoy the women’s clothing options offered at many of these Oregon stores. You can spend a great week shopping for women’s clothes with a $60,000 salary.

Skin Tightening/ Body Contouring

Another option that you have for spending that salary includes heading to a business that specializes in skin tightening and body contouring. These methods help to reduce wrinkles, and deal with skin laxity through non-invasive therapies. By focusing on specific areas of the body, body contouring/skin tightening can help to tackle wrinkles, fat reduction, stretch marks, and cellulite growth. Some people seek to have such treatment for a variety of reasons. In some cases maybe a person had surgery that left scarring, or maybe a person has wrinkles which they simply want to get rid of. In other cases, some folks just want a different look for a particular area of their body. Whatever the reason, a person has a variety of options available to help make these bodily changes.

Some of the body contouring and skin tightening treatments that are used to tackle fat reduction, wrinkle removal, and cellulite elimination include Ultherapy, Radio Frequency (AccentXL, eMatrix, and ThermiVa), Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, DermaPen, Z-Wave, and CoolSculpting. Consult a physician before making a final decision, to make sure that you are able to handle these types of treatments.Visiting a business that focuses on such treatment is one way that you can spend a week in Oregon on a $60,000 salary.


Oregon is one of the United States most beautiful places to visit. The state has a wide variety of locations that shows off the natural beauty of the region. Visiting these places is a great way to spend your money when you spend a week in Oregon. Some of these places include Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, the Painted Hills, the Wallowas, and Smith Rock. The great thing about each of these places is that they offer discounts to visit. This can help you with saving money when you’re using that rewards Mastercard credit card. You also have the option to gift that special nature lover in your life with purchases of gift cards for visits to these locations.

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