How To Overcome Some Challenges of Living a Rural Lifestyle


Today, most of the population lives in large cities or in suburban areas. For many, though, the appeal of living in a rural area draws them to quiet, peaceful farm communities that are miles away from the hectic and crowded atmosphere of the big city. Living in a rural community may have some drawbacks, but there are simple solutions to these challenges. Check out how to make the most out of your rural lifestyle.


First, if you’re making a transition from living in a city to a sparsely-populated locale, you’ll encounter more wildlife. In many rural areas, deer are everywhere, adding risk to a night drive around the neighborhood. Additionally, people in rural areas also have more problems with other annoying wildlife, such as raccoons, field mice, snakes, and even coyotes. Most rural residents don’t have problems with animals, but you’ll need to adjust your habits to make sure they don’t become a pest. Secure trash cans to keep animals away, and be careful when driving at dusk or dawn.


People living in rural areas also experience more issues with bugs. Spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, and other creepy crawlers may be more noticeable in a rural area. While there’s not much you can do to keep spiders or other bugs away from the outside or in your basement, you can take action to control mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Talk to a local pest control company to see ways you can keep the bugs under control.


Another big part of living in a remote area is the distance you are from other populated areas. In many ways, this is a big benefit because you get a peaceful, quiet area to live in and plenty of privacy. When it’s time to go out looking for things, such as groceries, gas, things to do, and any other necessities, it means you’ll be driving extra miles to find anything. Try to limit your extra trips by getting some things delivered to your home.


Some rural residents also end up having trouble with access to utilities. You may be too far away from city water access or other city utilities. Lots of rural areas require wells and septic systems, which can end up costing more over time. Before committing to buying a rural property, negotiate the price down a little bit to cover the cost of these utilities.

Internet Service

Internet service speed can also be a problem if you live in a remote region. Some people living in rural areas rely on their cell phone only instead of high-speed internet and struggle to stay connected to family and friends. Satellite internet can be an option, or broadband from companies like Blazing Hog Internet, which specialize in rural internet solutions.

Power Outages

If you live in a less-populated area, you may also experience problems with power outages. Generally, these areas may have more trees around, and if there is a big thunderstorm with some downed trees or branches, your power could be impacted. The best solution for this problem is to invest in a power generator, so you don’t have to suffer without power for days while waiting for the utility company to fix it.


The final problem some people experience while living in a rural community is more extreme weather. Rural areas may have more intense snowstorms, more powerful thunderstorms, and other weather extremes. The best thing to do is be prepared with a car equipped with snow tires or your own snow plow if you have a long driveway. Have plenty of emergency supplies in case of severe weather so you don’t have to worry.

A rural lifestyle is a great option if you want serenity and lots of space. Dealing with some of the drawbacks with these solutions can make your life in a remote area even more enjoyable.

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