Vaginal Tightening Know Your Options


Vaginal relaxation, which is a more technically correct term to describe a loose vagina, is common among women of all ages. The shape, form and firmness of vagina change from time to time. Vaginas feel different during periods, they can feel firm on certain days and relaxed on some other days. Various biological factors are at play here. Hormones, body mass index, strength of pelvic muscles, exact positions of various abdominal organs, age and specific health conditions influence the firmness of the vagina. Older women are likely to have a relaxed vagina due to weakened muscles and a lowered pelvic floor. Muscles weaken with age, skin turns saggy at the same time and the pelvic muscles are incapable of holding the abdominal and reproduction organs in the female body in their rightful places.

Vaginal relaxation can be temporary, in which case one must not worry at all. It can be progressive and that should call for corrective action. Elderly women may not be able to do much about vaginal relaxation as it is mostly related to ageing and one cannot undo that. It is still possible for elderly women to exercise to strengthen their pelvic muscles. The muscles throughout our body along with the skin will weaken with age. Loss of mass and wrinkly & sagging skin is common. The times when you should think of vaginal tightening are if the relaxation is due to pregnancy or childbirth, some surgery or obesity, at a relatively young age and for any other physiological problem. Vaginal relaxation is not caused by excessive sexual intercourse. So lack of sex is not a remedy, unless frequent and aggressive sexual intercourse is causing pain, irritation and inflammation in the vagina.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

One of the most common remedies for vaginal relaxation is tightening creams. There are vaginal tightening creams and gels you can apply topically on and around the vagina to firm up the muscles and the skin. Some creams or gels work only on the skin but the better ones work on the muscles too. You can actually experience the elasticity of your skin restored and you can feel regained strength that would allow you to control the muscles. After all, contracting of muscles in the vagina will determine whether or not you have the desired firmness.

The female body can voluntarily contract most muscles and those in the vagina are no different. Vaginal tightening creams tend to increase blood circulation to and from the vagina, thereby leading to better sensation and response to stimuli. Some vaginal tightening creams have the ability to penetrate the skin pores and help the damaged tissues in the muscles get healed. Women do suffer scarring and other problems in the tissues in these muscles, especially during pregnancy and vaginal childbirth.

Vaginal tightening gels or creams are noninvasive. They are available widely and you do not need to spend a fortune. It is not possible to experience overnight results but you will observe positive changes in as short a span of time as a week. Some creams take longer of course. If you wish to find out more about vaginal tightening creams then you can read a full review of V Tight Gel.


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure. It involves reconstruction of the vagina to restore its firmness. Vaginoplasty is not only a remedy for vaginal relaxation but also necessary if there is physiological changes caused by injury or some health condition. Vaginoplasty is classified as plastic surgery. Some people classify it as cosmetic surgery. The scope and nature of vaginoplasty makes it a plastic surgery and not a cosmetic surgery. The process is more complicated than administering botox injections for enhancements.

Vaginoplasty has its proponents and critics. It is not entirely a safe procedure. There are many surgeons who do not endorse or recommend vaginoplasty. It has the possibility of causing more harm than good. There are many common side effects that almost every woman would experience. There are severe side effects that can lead to a loss of sensation in the vagina. Vaginoplasty can also fail as a procedure. It may not be able to firm up the vaginal muscles, even after you spend thousands of dollars and deal with the recovery process. If one has to choose between vaginoplasty and vaginal tightening creams, then the latter is clearly a better option and the only other noninvasive remedy is exercise.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises focus on pelvic muscles and help in re-strengthening them. Kegel exercises are not only the most popular vaginal tightening remedy but also a solution for weight gain post pregnancy. Many women are vulnerable to rapid weight gain after childbirth. Such weight gain also has an impact on vaginal firmness. Kegel exercises can effectively help with both. Not every woman would be able to do the Kegel exercises that have the most noticeable impact. You can always start with a leisurely stroll, go for power walks and then start regular jogs before you start working out rigorously. The progression should not take more than a fortnight. You can regain the strength and endurance needed to do Kegel exercises.

Weight loss and general fitness including strength and agility are precursors to vaginal tightening. It is quite possible for a woman to be overweight and yet have a firm vagina but obese women do have greater vulnerability to vaginal relaxation. Slender women can experience vaginal relaxation and this has more to do with factors other than obesity but the correlation between weight gain and vaginal loosening cannot be discarded. Kegel exercises would help you to lose weight, it can certainly prevent rapid weight gain after pregnancy and it would restore the strength in your pelvic muscles that would enable you to exert better control of the vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises, if done properly, along with vaginal tightening creams can be the perfect combo to remedy vaginal relaxation. Vaginoplasty with its side effects and unsure results stands no comparison with these natural alternatives.

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Sunita Madan
4 years ago

can Kegel exercises effectively help with both?

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