6 Signs Your Marriage Is On The Rocks


It’s not easy to face, but sometimes your marriage will fall on hard times. If you feel as though things are tough, you might need to think about whether you can save the relationship. The sorry truth of the matter is that sometimes, people fall out of love. It’s not a nice thing, but it happens. Here are some signs that your marriage may be on the rocks.

  1. You no longer talk to one another

Of course, when you live with someone, you will always chat to one another, but do you talk often? If you have polite, short conversations, that’s fine, but what about the real stuff? Do you tell your husband how you feel? Do you go to him when you have a problem? If you have stopped communicating with him on this level, you may have an issue.

  1. You don’t understand your husband

Men are difficult to understand, and so you should not worry too much. There will be times when your hubby’s hard to understand, and that is normal. If you never get him, though, it is a problem. You should at least know why he does what he does. If you find that he makes irrational decisions and doesn’t care for you, things need to change. You should take a long look at your relationship and see where you can improve it.

Angry twenty something couple yelling at each other

Angry twenty something couple yelling at each other

Picture by Vic

  1. You spend lots of time apart

Do you spend lots of time away from each other? Maybe he’s always on business trips, or you find excuses to go away for days at a time. If you don’t want to spend your spare time together, something is amiss. You need to figure out what the problem is before it’s too late. If you feel that you no longer want to be with your husband, it might be time to see an expert. You need to learn a little about divorce law before you do anything. It might sound a bit drastic, but you need to put your happiness first.

  1. You can’t remember your last date

Dating is an integral part of romance. If you can’t remember the last time the two of you had a date night, you need to sort it out. Maybe you are both busy or forget to plan nights out. That’s fine. In fact, it’s normal. What you need to do, though, is start making an effort in this department.

  1. You look at other men

Every woman looks at an attractive man now and then. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with your partner or how much you love him, sometimes you can’t help it. The problem comes when you take things further and start fantasizing about other people. If you want to see other people, it means that there is an issue in your marriage.

  1. You feel alone sometimes

Finally, do you feel alone? When you have a husband, you should never feel that you are alone in this world. He should support you, and you should support him. Without that bond, what is the point of your marriage? You should consider your feelings as they will tell you a whole lot about your relationship! Do any of these signs ring a bell? If they do, you have to think about your options!

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