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Memories are the most important part of any family. All the families have those thick albums with old photos, and nothing can be better than viewing them when you are gathering together for holidays. Nowadays, in the era of modern technologies, you can record the most precious and happy moments using a smartphone and even create fun videos that will save the spirit of that special time spent with your relatives. You can do it easily with free video editing software on your smartphone. 

In this article, you will find useful and effective tips on making an interesting and fun family movie to watch from time to time and enjoy the moment. Even your children can help you in this, especially if they are tech-heads. Go ahead and learn how to cherish the most important moments in the instant family movie crafted by yourself. 

How to Make Family Travel Memories

If you used to travel a lot with your kids, it’s a great chance to make fun travel videos. Even if your children are small, they may not remember almost anything about it, but they can always watch the videos and refresh their memory. No matter if you are going to the sea or want to spend time in the mountains, take your smartphone and record videos as often as you can. Record your kids, record what they do, and especially their emotions. We guarantee both you and your kids will enjoy these memories much later, when you all will gather to celebrate Christmas, for example.   

Of course, you can just record short videos and leave them as they are. Or, you can use a simple video editor and create a fun movie, gathering all those short parts together. For example, you can create a movie dedicated to each new trip. Needless to say, you and your kids will be excited to watch these videos. Making interesting videos is a wonderful way to save and cherish your memories and create a special atmosphere inside your family. You can create your own travel video and invent your family movie ideas – for example, add text and images to the video using a reliable video editor. You can be creative and create unique and amazing movies about your family to enjoy.

How to Record Family Videos? 

Creating interesting videos about your family for your archive is exciting, cheap, and super-easy! Even your kids can help you with this. You can record pro-looking home videos with just your phone anywhere – at home, on the holiday, on vacation, etc. Any kind of memory is important because those happy and bright moments will never repeat. Your kids will grow up and leave your home earlier or later, but you can still gather with them on family holidays and re-watch your family videos to remember everything like it was yesterday. Memories are saved not just in your head, but they are in your phones, cameras, and computers. You can even share any videos on Facebook or YouTube. 

Much earlier, people had to get 8mm film and special cameras to record videos. They could lose tapes, and the quality of those records isn’t good at all. In our times, you don’t need any additional equipment to record family videos except your smartphone. You can edit recorded videos with software to add some special effects or merge several clips in one long movie easily. Create wonderful memories for you and your kids without paying a cent! You and your kids will be the stars of the exciting movie that is called life. Feel free to read useful tips for creating tribute videos and think up new ideas for your future projects!   

How to Start Editing a Family Video?

When you have already recorded many short video fragments on your phone, it’s time to edit these pieces using a good video editor. You can find extra tips about converting your video format here. When you are selecting a program to edit your videos, try to use software that doesn’t require any professional experience, for example, Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie. With reliable software, it’s easy to create interesting effects and add some interesting elements to your videos. Of course, you should download all the apps from trustworthy sources to avoid any computer viruses.    

Extra Tips on Making Great Family Videos

Use these tips to create amazing videos for your home archive:

  1. Keep your movies natural. Remember that your kids and yourself aren’t real actors or TV stars. Do not try to force them to do or say something to the camera. Instead, your kids should forget about you recording them. Capture interesting moments on the vacation or at home and do not worry that your videos would be too long or boring – you can easily edit them and cut out any unnecessary parts using a video editor. 
  2. If you use a professional camera to record family moments, read about using a DSLR to elevate the family video. It will help you to make a stunning movie with precious memories to save for watching just when you want to remember exciting moments from your life. 
  3. Shoot your kids when they are involved in something. For example, when they are playing in the yard, fishing, or learning how to swim. You can also make excellent videos shooting your kids when they’re dancing or reading something aloud. Experiment with ideas and create interesting and fun videos for your family archive!


When you record your family moments, try to make them relaxed and natural. Even home videos captured on your old smartphone can be very interesting to watch. Of course, if you want to create a good family movie, get ready with our tips and think up new exciting ideas about your family videos. If you are interested in more useful hints, read the video maker guide to create seasonal content. Do not be afraid to experiment with creative ideas to record amazing movies about your kids and relatives to save the most important memories!

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