15 Tips For Creating Tribute Videos Your Families Will Love


The tribute videos are the best way to say goodbye to a family member or friend and to remember a friend or family member that is no longer with us. An artistic tribute video will help to express the emotion perfectly. You can outsource editing these tribute videos. If you are searching for some ways for your creative tribute videos, you are in the right place. We are going to provide you some ideas about creating tribute videos.

15 Tips For Creating Tribute Videos

Tribute videos can help you imagine and illustrate a person’s lifestyle and respect that person’s memory. So, you need to create a tribute video that will evoke emotions and memories. Here are some of the tips for making the tribute videos-

1.     When and where will the tribute video be shown

Firstly, you need to check when and where the tribute video will be shown. If the tribute video will be playing during a memorial service, you should create it as a short video of 5-7 minutes and 60-80 photos. And if the video will be playing during the reception after the memorial service, then make a long video of 10-12 minutes and 100-120 photos.

2.     Ask families the questions related to that person

Ask the family members and friends or neighbors about the person to know the real story of that person and make a complete understanding of their loved one and add these in your tribute video. Ask families about- their happiest moment, favorite memory, their life story and hobbies. 

3.     Choose photos for the tribute video

Choose photographs of the person or related to that person for your tribute video. Choose about 50-60 pictures to make a tribute video. Ask families for their photos that will exemplify the life and times of the person you lost.

4.     Pick video footage

You can also pick video footage to create a tribute video. Add the video footage of that person, which reflect the themes including_

  • Display the person’s childhood, interest, hobbies and passions.
  • Represent the person’s personality.
  • Show the memorable or happiest moments including birth, holidays, weddings, vacations.


5.     Select an appropriate tool

There are various tools online that will help you to create a tribute video. Some of the tools are- Kinemaster, Vimeo, Filmora, Lumen5, Animoto etc. These tools provide you the best solution to create your video. But some of the tools do not provide you every feature and facility, so you need to research then choose an appropriate tool or software for editing your videos.   

6.     Start designing

Design your video with various features of tools or software to make your video beautiful. Use a transition between each photo. There are many templates and elements in the gallery of the tools. You can use a tribute template in your video. You can also use an icon or symbol in your tribute video.   

7.     Use a right theme

Try to incorporate the thing that the deceased loved in your created tribute video. The video theme will illustrate the person’s pastime and personality. 

8.     Add the right music

Music is an essential part of your tribute video. Music evokes emotion and memories, but it also expresses a person’s individuality. A funeral video can be solemn or sad. Add an appropriate song or music tone to the tribute video.

9.     Add text and caption to your video

Photographs tell the tale by themselves. Add captions and text next to a loved one’s photos. This will encourage the families to start remembering favorite and happiest moments related to the person.

10.   Use motion and color effect

Motion and color effects create a solid sensorial impact. You should use different effects and speeds to make an engaging tribute video. Make sure that every motion effect should focus on the loved one in the group photo.

11.   Use a cover photo

Choose a cover photo for your tribute video. Add the image which the families would like to use. A cover photo will make your video more engaging. Also, check its content and how it looks on the screen.

12.   Make a slideshow with photos

After personalizing the photos, create a slideshow video. There need to be just a couple of seconds per photo in your slideshow video so that the viewers will find the video more fascinating.

13.   Add a custom song remembering him

You can add a custom song to your tribute video so that it can instantly take you back to a special moment or make you think of a special one in your life when you hear a particular song.

14.  Share the video

Once you have completed the video creation, you can share the video on social media and the social memorial page. You can also share your tribute video with people who can’t attend the memorial service. And can share with the person who wants to see the video again.

15.  Keep a backup copy of the video

You should keep a backup copy of the video on your backup drive. You just need to upload it on google drive or Dropbox. In case you lost the video, you can get back the video from the backup drive.

Through the tribute video, people get the opportunity to know their personality and how the person lived. The memorial video can also play a vital role to overcome the sorrow of losing the dearest one.

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