Try the gentle approach to sleep training with help from Dream Team Baby’s baby sleep consultant


One of the most hotly discussed topics among new parents(and older!) is sleep training. Ask for an opinion and one common advice that crops up is leaving the baby to cry.  Or what is known as the Cry It Out method.

There is much debate over whether it is an acceptable practice or not. But first of all, it is entirely a parent’s decision. That is not to endorse the method or conclude that it is the best method for training your baby to sleep independently.

Alternatively, if your heart is not convinced about the cry it out method, then there are gentler approaches to sleep training which are highly successful. Remember, it is not just the techniques or tips but also your own approach to sleep training that works.

Be receptive to ideas

As a parent it is too easy to fall into the trap of being rigid as to what will or will not work for your baby. But if you truly want to make an effort, be open to ideas and suggestions. Read up and research. What is the right amount of sleep for your baby’s age? What is the general process of baby sleep and what actually happens when they are asleep. Also find triggers for sleep disruption.

Prepare yourself to try out tricks and tips that you may not have used before like using a warmed bottle in the crib before you put the baby down. It may sound like pop psychology but believing that your baby can fall asleep with the right efforts will eventually lead you to success.

Don’t lose patience

Gentle sleep training or not, you do need to put in a great deal of preparation practically and mentally. It helps to know that some babies take longer than usual to learn the art of sleeping well. It boils down to many factors such as temperament, age and old sleeping habits. But in any case, be prepared for the journey. Ensure that the baby’s sleep environment is also conducive for training.

Enlist sleep training partners

Parenting is hard. But sleep training is much harder. It helps to have a buddy or partner who can help you through this. Sleep training takes much time and patience and having a buddy can ease some of the frustration. If you are exhausted, let your partner take charge for a bit. Talk to your sleep training partner be it your spouse or a sibling on how it is going, what alternative steps you can take to improve your situation or plan for Plan B.

Use a consistent approach

Consistency is key to your parenting journey. Likewise sleep training also needs a consistent approach. Don’t dither when it comes to your method and processes. And once your child is sleeping well, don’t make the mistake of slipping back to your old ways. Babies do well with routine so stick to the ones you create.

Hire a baby sleep consultant

If all else fails, you can always lean on the experts to bring in their experience. It is never too early or too late to set a healthy sleep routine. By roping in a baby sleep consultant you can regain control over your life, sleep and help you overcome the challenges professionally. It is not called sleep science for nothing.

Is it worth the effort or sleeplessness if you are constantly exhausted, your child wakes up several times a night and your life as a couple is suffering?

With an established baby sleep consultant service like Dream Team Baby you get industry-best advice that is backed by medical expertise. Using a holistic and proven sleep approach, Dream Team ensures that your baby finally gets their rightful claim to sleep, no matter what age. After all, they have been in the baby sleep business for over a decade.

So when in doubt regarding your own methods, don’t hesitate to get professional help. For you can’t do justice to parenting, if you are always sleep deprived.

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Sarah L
4 years ago

My son is 8 months old we could never get him to stay asleep through the night. I felt like a zombie for weeks then it turned into month but my friend from my local moms group sent me this link and told me it was saving her life. Thought I would share thanks!