Is it time to break up with your office chair?


Has your office chair broken at the most inopportune moment? We’ll tell you how to choose the right office chair so you can sit and work longer without feeling tired. An office chair should not only be comfortable but also reliable, high-quality and practical. After all, office furniture is often an indicator of the solidity of the company and its owner. Today we will talk about what to be guided at a choice of an office chair or a chair.

Types of chairs

Office chairs are divided into several types: for the manager, for employees and for visitors. The chair for a manager should be not only functional but also comfortable, as it emphasizes the status of the manager. In addition, the head chair should be of high quality, so it is better to choose models made of expensive materials.

Leather is used as the upholstery material for the executive chairs. The color of the upholstery should be classic black or brown. The padding of the chair should be eco-friendly, breathable and maintain body temperature.

The head’s chair should be of the highest ergonomics. It should have five-beam support with wheels and armrests. The seat must also be equipped with height and angle adjustment mechanisms for the backrest and have a headrest.

Staff seats have more modest characteristics. Staff chairs should be of good quality, practical and comfortable to work long hours without any fatigue. The employee chair should be height-adjustable so that it can be adjusted to any height of the person and the height of the desk.

Staff chairs, in turn, are divided into cameramen’s chairs and computer chairs. Operator chairs are comfortable and functional. They are equipped with armrests, seat height adjustment mechanisms and backrest angle adjustment.

Computer chairs for personnel are universal. They offer maximum comfort and mobility. These chairs not only move easily around the office but also rotate around their axis.

And the last variety of office furniture is a chair for visitors. Seats for visitors should be comfortable and of high quality. They should not differ in a complicated design, but it is desirable that such chairs have an attractive appearance.


The design of a quality office chair must have five-beam support on wheels. The chair should have plastic, comfortable armrests. The absence of armrests can lead to fast fatigue and loss of performance.

The office chair should have conveniently positioned adjustment mechanisms to allow for one-handed tilting of the backrest, seat height or armrest position without getting out of the chair. It is good if the seat height regulator is equipped with a shock damper to soften the load and smooth the function.

The armrest adjuster reduces muscle tension in the back, neck, and shoulders for a comfortable hand position. Armrests can be adjusted in height and angle of inclination. Adjustment mechanisms should be smooth. Adjustment of seat height is very important for people of small height.


When choosing an office chair, pay attention to the angle of inclination between the backrest and the seat. It should be just over 90 degrees, allowing you to relax the lumbar spine as you tilt it over the back of the chair.

The back of the chair should be anatomically shaped, i.e. it should follow the contours of your body and back in particular. The backrest of the chair should be adjusted to the angle of inclination so that it is possible to lean back and relax the body after hours.

The backrest of the chair for a manager can be tilted more than 90 degrees. It is better to set the backrest of the seat for visitors at a 90-degree angle to emphasize the business style of communication. In this position, the client will feel relaxed, but at the same time, remember that he is in the office at the boss.


The office seat can be hard, semi-soft and soft. Hard seats are those made of flexible flooring materials such as straw, wood or metal. Semi-soft seats have an average thickness of the flooring. But soft seats have a large thickness of the deck and are equipped with springs.

The surface of the seat should be more smooth than the relief. The shape of the seat should be rounded. The seat upholstery should ideally be waterproof but breathable and environmentally friendly.


The comfort of an office chair is achieved not so much by any mechanisms, as by the presence of comfortable design and support of the spine. Thus, armrests are responsible for reducing shoulder belts, neck and back fatigue.

Uniform distribution of load on the body and its balance is maintained by thickening the seat and backrest closer to the edges. The lower front edge of the seat prevents vessels from getting pinched on the legs. Various mechanisms and seat adjustments provide additional comfort. Click to find out what is a comfortable chair.


A quality office chair must be made of environmentally friendly and hygienic materials. The upholstery is made of natural leather or high-quality synthetic materials, which allow the skin to breathe and maintain constant body temperature. It is also possible to use leatherette and plastic on the lower and rear surfaces of the chair.

The wooden base of the chair is not popular. It has given way to plastic and metal, which are considered durable and reliable. Structural elements are made of aluminum, polyurethane, and wood.

The upholstery of office chairs is made of high-quality wear-resistant fabrics. The color of the upholstery is chosen to take into account the environment and furniture in the office. Grey, black, brown and blue tones are considered the most preferable.





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4 years ago

No matter what industry you work in, you need good equipment maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you work in the office and work at a computer or other IT equipment, drive around the field in a company car or even in a store or warehouse. You need to not only conduct regular maintenance, but also carry out preventive maintenance.

Ergonomics Health
4 years ago

Excellent recommendations, you are right, often we do not pay attention to the importance of such things as the Desk chair at which we so often sit. My last has served me more than 3 years. But my surprise was boundless when I bought myself a good ergonomic chair, which I use now every day.

Harry Bloom
4 years ago

If you are in a job that requires sitting for long periods of time, it is absolutely essential that you choose the correct chair. I personally have found huge differences when working on my laptop from a standard, “Cheap” office chair and one that is deemed to be ergonomic.