Shopping for furniture in LA? Avoid these common mistakes


Who doesn’t love furniture shopping! Whether you are the sort of person who has a furniture board on pinterest and keeps saving stunning furniture designs and ideas for later or someone who loves watching home makeover shows, furniture shopping is an exciting but also somewhat exhausting. Why?

Because of the sheer amount of options and variety. Los Angeles in particular, has some beautiful homes and discerning customers so the options are aplenty.

You feel like a kid in a candy store. To select furniture that’s right for you and your house, you need some expert advice. Especially, what not to do and how to avoid these common furniture shopping mistakes:

The lure of the eccentric

Adding a quirky piece as your base with an eccentric pattern, kooky colors and an odd shape might seem like a good idea to stand out from the crowd.  But pick such furniture wisely. You can buy such things only once in a while because you will have to live with that piece until it becomes outdated. And trust us, you will quickly grow tired or even disappointed with that choice.

If you are tempted to buy something odd or attention grabbing, go for a piece that’s smaller in size, not so expensive and also in a neutral color.

Not measuring accurately

It sounds so obvious but you will be surprised at the number of times people botch up when measuring the dimensions for their furniture spaces. Measure everything before you set out shopping. Even measure the existing pieces of furniture that you may or may not be replacing. This helps you gain a basis for comparison when making a decision.

A well-known hack to do this is to stick painter’s tape on the floor to check the dimensions of your new piece – whether a sofa, a chair or table. Don’t forget to measure doorways and other passages through which you will move your new pieces.

Buying on impulse

Sure, we all cave in when we see the words 50% off. But do you really need that piece of furniture? Is it really you? Think your shopping through and avoid spending on the spur of the moment because the item may not work with the colours, the style or even the scale of your room.

It is a waste of money and resources if you give in to these impulses without due consideration.

Not testing your furniture

While you can’t test all the aspects, you can certainly check the durability of the wood, or the feel of the furnishings when you are out shopping. If you are buying a sofa, recliner or a bed, this is absolutely a must. Sit on it and get the feel. Is it comfortable? Can you stretch? Are the arms and legs the right size for your height?

Blindly following a brand

Appearances are deceptive and so are brand names. Just because you are buying a name-brand piece of furniture, doesn’t guarantee durability or quality. Be sure to check and compare the piece with one made by local furniture stores in Los Angeles.

Not checking the reviews and ratings

Not doing your homework before furniture shopping is another mistake we make. And your research must include verifying the furniture stores’ online reputation. Everything is just a click away. Including reviews and ratings for the local furniture store in Los Angeles that you plan to buy from. Check out their social media channels for customer comments and reviews. You can learn a lot about the quality and support provided by the store using social media.


Shopping on the weekend

We tend to shop for all the big things on the weekend. But so does everyone else. This means their staff is preoccupied, busy and probably inattentive. Try booking an appointment for a week day and notice the difference in the service you receive.

With the above mentioned tips, you are all set to shop from a furniture store in Los Angeles and get your investment’s worth.

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4 years ago

Furniture has a very important role in lifestyle standard. this article helped for giving a great way to purchasing furniture