Try McLaren, It’s Not Your Typical Scooter


McLaren has long been known for making some of the most beautiful sports cars on the planet. On top of that, some of the fastest and most reliable as well. Don’t take my word for it, search the internet and you will see for yourself. With that said, McLaren doesn’t skip a beat when making their Scooters for kids. These are not your typical scooters. For McLaren, they have to be as beautiful as they are functional, and that goes for everything they build! These scooters come in several varieties, so let’s take a look at some of their features.

This scooter, the McLaren McS03, folds to allow it to be stored or transported more easily. Yeah, not your typical scooter. It also has a front wheel shock absorber. Also not found on your typical scooter. A back braking system to allow the driver to slow down when needed. And an adjustable steering wheel to adjust to whatever height you want or need it to be. It will grow with your child as well as it can accommodate several different ages of drivers. Who else does all that?

And of course, it looks fantastic! What kid wouldn’t want one?  Smiles live here. Oh yeah and it has a kick stand so it’s ready when you are.

Up Next is this beauty, the McLaren McS01. Obviously you can tell by looking at it, that this isn’t your typical scooter. This one also has the adjustable steering height and back wheel braking system, but with the third wheel it adds to the stability of the scooter especially needed with young and first-time riders. It also has a nice traction area so the driver isn’t sliding off or around on the scooter. Indeed a nice feature.

So, as you can see, before McLaren puts their name on anything, it has to be efficient as well as an elegant piece of machinery. Here is where you can learn more and purchase your own: McLaren Scooters.

And here is where you can keep up with their Social Media Pages, just click on the appropriate icon below. Lots of people are always posting pictures and videos of their experiences with this product and there’s always new info to know there…

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