TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack, keeping my kitchen organized.



Lately I’ve noticed my storage space in my kitchen is becoming very limited and to be honest remodeling isn’t in my budget right now.

So when I came upon the Trinity website I was so excited to see their wide range of storage organizers. First thing came to my mind was the TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack. Wow is it nice, with the amount of shelves this rack has available this will help me get my kitchen in order no doubt!


I can definitely see this TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack alone side my kitchen cabinet wall area. I have a nice open space where the rack would fit perfect. I love how I will be able to place my extra pots and pans on one shelf, my fruit like shown above on another shelf and so of my seasoning racks on the other shelf.

Just so many ways I can utilize this TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack. Most of all it looks like it will be very easy to clean, just wipe down and go. I can even move the TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack in any area of my kitchen since it is equipped with wheels too. I also would love to have one in my garage since my husband has all the space taken up with his tools. This way I can get some of my stuff, his tools and other items from off the floor. It’s like a jungle in their but using the TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack will help me organize all those items with ease.


The TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack is NSF certified heavy-duty commercial grade wire, perfect for any industrial, garage, home, or kitchen use. With an 800 lb weight capacity per shelf on feet levelers, it can hold any of your large, heavy boxes, big items, and everything in between.


Assembly requires no tools, and uses a slip-sleeve locking system allowing shelves to be adjustable in 1-inch increments.

With the silver look of the TRINITY EcoStorage™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving Rack it’s bound to fit in with any kitchen décor. TRINITY has such an array of good quality products that will help you and I become more organized. Here’s another one called TRINITY Sliding Undersink Organizer (2 Pack)


The TRINITY’s Sliding Undersink Organizer is a great addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or storage area. This organizer will help maximize storage space in areas where your plumbing may create an awkward space, gaining convenience, accessibility, and visibility to all your items.


Well don’t wait around, visit TRINITY online today to see their selection of organizing products.


Most of all remember to keep up with them via Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter| ShopTrinity.

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