5 Helpful Cleaning Tips to Try This Year


Cleaning is not always fun and sometimes you may need a few tricks to make it much easier. Whether it is cleaning dishes, doing laundry or vacuuming the house, all these tasks require a lot of time and energy so it would help to have a few tricks that can ease the work.

Here are some tips to make your cleaning tasks easier and more manageable. In case you need help cleaning, you can use the services of cleaners Bristol, who can leave your house, sparkless clean.

  1. Utilize the power of baking soda

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda has many uses and one of them is as a cleaning aid. It can help you to pull many cleaning tricks. For instance, you can use it to remove stubborn stains from utensils, kitchen counter and on dishes. To make an all-purpose cleaner using baking soda, combine 1 quart of warm water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Use the solutions to wipe surfaces such as appliances and kitchen counters as well as to fresh a foul-smelling refrigerator.

If your bathrooms have mildew, use baking soda and a damp sponge to scrub areas such as the sink, tile, and the tub, and then rinse.

To make your laundry brighter, include a cup of baking soda with your liquid detergent as you load your washing machine. All your clothes, whether colored or white will come out brighter.

To de-clog, a drain, pour half a cup of baking soda and cover with a wet cloth. Give it five minutes and then flush using hot water.

Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe any marks off your wall.

  1. Brighten using vinegar

Vinegar has many cleaning uses and it can leave surfaces sparkling clean. You can clean the walls and shelves of your fridge using a solution of half vinegar and half water; eliminate odors from your plastic container by wiping using a cloth dampened with vinegar and refresh fabrics by spraying a mixture of water and white vinegar.

You can also clean the microwave by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl and leaving it in the microwave for 4 minutes.  Remove the bowl and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the interior of the microwave.

Keep your windows bright using white vinegar. Mix a gallon of water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray on the glass and wipe using a microfiber cloth.

  1. Spray and wait

Usually, when cleaning, you spray the cleaning solution on a small surface and then wipe outward. Instead of wiping immediately, spray in the entire area you are cleaning such as the entire bathroom sink or tub, wait for approximately five minutes before wiping. This gives the solution time to penetrate and kill germs.

  1. Do small loads of laundry every day instead of one major laundry per week

Doing laundry can take a lot of time especially if you have many clothes to clean. You can do one load of laundry every day in a set time such as in the morning. This way, you will not have to spend your whole weekend doing laundry.

  1. Make cleaning a family affair

Cleaning can be much easier if other family members help. Kids can do their age-appropriate tasks such as cleaning their rooms, cleaning dishes, and putting their shoes away. You will find that within no time all tasks are done and the house looks tidy.

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