How to Find the Best Professional Home Cleaner


Between work and family time, keeping one’s house clean can feel like a fulltime job. It’s no wonder that more people are opting to outsource their cleaning duties to the professionals. Not only can professional house cleaners get the job done quickly, but they can also reach all the nooks and crannies that usually get missed.

Hiring a professional cleaner allows busy people to spend more time focusing on what matters to them. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best professional cleaner, according to the commercial cleaning experts at

Competitive and Flexible Pricing

Many home cleaners charge hourly rates for their services. This can be challenging for homeowners, as they may not have a concept of how long it would take to clean the house. Alternatively, they may find that a cleaner spends all the allocated hourly time on one room, leaving the rest of the house untouched.

Look for a cleaning company that offers competitive and flexible pricing specific to your home. They may have an hourly rate, but a professional should be able to provide an accurate completion time based on the size of your living space and cleaning needs. Other businesses may give you a quote after an in-home consultation. Compare rates among various recommended cleaning companies before making a decision.

Safety Training, Checks, and Insurance

When you find a cleaning company that interests you, check their safety certifications and ask for proof of insurance. The business should adhere to local regulatory requirements regarding safety training and workers compensation. A business with a solid insurance policy will reduce the risk of any surprise lawsuits should an injury take place in your home.

In addition to regulatory and insurance needs, ask about background checks and if all cleaners employed by the service are bondable. For a cleaner to be bondable, that means that all background checks required were completed and that in the incident of theft, insurance will cover the claim.

Cleaner-specific Training

When inquiring about cleaning services, be sure to ask about the training procedures used for cleaning. Does the company have protocols and methods they enforce among all cleaners in their employ? Will your results be consistent if a different cleaner from the service visits your home?

Beyond the results of having well-trained cleaners, the standard operating procedures (or lack thereof) give you a better idea of the integrity of the company you hire. Is this a business that has a high turnover rate and is just interested in making a quick buck or is this a business that takes pride in its work and plans on being around for the long haul?

Reviews and Recommendations

The internet has made it much easier to check reviews and recommendations of businesses than it used to be. Before hiring a cleaner, do your due diligence online. Do they receive good ratings across the board? Is there anyone you can reach out to as a reference? If you know someone who has used the service before, get a personal, candid account of their experience.

Keep in mind that when you read reviews online, it is common for there to be one or two negative reviews. There are some people that will never be content with anything and lash out against the business for perceived slights. Take these with a grain of salt and consider the ratio of good to bad reviews overall.

Know Your Expectations Going In

Before speaking with a cleaner, know exactly what you expect from the service. You may find that your expectations are unrealistic after talking with a few cleaners. However, having your requirements defined will give you a discussion point to start with when vetting cleaning companies.

If possible, schedule a one-time clean with the company you choose before signing up for a regular visit. This will give you an opportunity to see if you like the service and discuss any concerns you have ahead of time. Then, you can scratch these tasks off your to-do list permanently and leave it to the experts.

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