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You have been watching the FOOD channel, and you are hoping you can copy that wide grinning chef that keeps adding wine to his meals. Unfortunately, while it is an excellent decision as wines add a unique flavor to food, there are more than a few ways to get it wrong. 

This article will help you choose what wine is best with your dishes. So grab a bottle of Massetino Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, pull the cork out, pour a glass to get the creative juices flowing and let’s get this show on the road!

“Cooking wine”? 

There are many wines considered ‘cooking wines’ these days. But, unfortunately, most are found in supermarkets all around the world.

These wines may either be sweet or dry reds, or they come as sweet or dry whites. They may also be fortified wines such as port or sherry.

But hey! DO not try white or red cooking wines for your meals. Do not!

They are mixed with sugar, salt, and several colorings. And they’d either ruin your meal or destroy its flavor.

Dry Reds: Best reds for cooking

This is usually served with meat dishes, including pork, chicken, beef, lamb, and sometimes, veal. But then, if you’re preparing a meal with dry red wine, you should consider your dish.

Best Oxidized/Dry Nutty Wine

Oxidized wines, both whites and reds, will enhance your meals with their “umami” or “nutty” taste. Though they pair deliciously with several dishes, you’ll see they’re most commonly used in gravies for serving over chicken, pork, or rich fish.

Best Oxidized/Sweet Nutty Wine

Due to their long ageing process, these wines are usually rich, sweet, and complex. No doubt, you can serve them with virtually any dessert!

Sweet whites for cooking

The sugar content of sweet Rieslings, Sauternes, Ice Wines, Moscato, and any Late Harvest Whites tends to be much higher, making them very sweet and delicious. Poaching apples and pears, creating a delightful condiment to pour over desserts, and poaching apples are just a few of the many ways you can use them.

Meinklang Icewine pairs wonderfully with food! Rich and ripe, yet light enough to remain moderate–it doesn’t overpower delicate seafood flavors. The balance between the acidity and sweetness of this sweet wine makes it a perfect cooking wine.

Fortified Red Wines

Unlike regular wines, fortified wines have incredibly high alcohol content. As a result, these wines, such as Ruby Port and Vintage Port, are rich and sweet. And yes, they make you enjoy most of the benefits of red wine.

There are quite many ways you can use them to achieve sweetness:

For example, you can add them to chocolate sauces for thickness and to enhance their flavor. You can also add them to chocolate cakes to get extra moisture.

Best Rice Wine for Cooking

Cooking with wine is something you should get addicted to. However bizarre and unconventional, rice wines are great supplements for Asian dishes. And whether they’re made from china or come from Japan, what matters is you can use them in cooking.

However, keep in mind that both rice wines (Chinese and Japanese) are used in several specific applications.


Only a prodigal buyer will go wrong with the tips above, and we’re sure you’re not one!

With this guide, you’ll discover that cooking with red wine or white wine can enhance your cuisine and improve its flavour. Quality wine compliments your cooking, so you should invest in one now.

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