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Riyad is a beautiful city to visit and also the capital of Middle Eastern Country- Saudi Arabia. The country is spread across 1,800 square kilometers comprising rich heritage and culture. The beautiful tourist attractions of Riyadh are found at the noteworthy center or downtown. If you are going to visit Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh, then don’t forget to explore these beautiful attractions in Riyadh. You can check the Flyadeal price Riyadh to book tickets, but before that let’s know about his place in a better way.

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Riyadh is an influential city of kingdom in Saudi Arabia since it was founded in 1901. However,there are numerous archeological destinations and fortifications that depict that they are around 1000 years old. When going to Riyadh, there are certain sights that everyone certainly doesn’t need to miss.

Let us know about the various beautiful places in Riyadh that will mesmerize your mind-

Red Sand Dunes

It is situated at almost about 20 min drive from Riyadh. It is an excellent zone of ruddy dunes which are surrounded by magnificent mountains all over the area. You can also hire quad bicycles to explore the beautiful mountainous range around Kharrarah National Stop. Along with that, you will also find tourists renting a quad bicycle to the street. You can easily hire the bicycles for an hour at a time. Also, the ladies can drive without “abaya” without any issues across the range.

AlMasmak Fort

You must not forget to visit the Masmak Fort in Riyadh.  The Masmak Fortification is the foremost crucial destination that you must visit.The word “Masmak” implies “strong,” and neighborhood legend proposes that in case this fortification destroys then its Kingdom will also drop with it. It is the 19th-century argil and mud-brick fortification that took part in an imperative role during the recovering of Riyadh city. Cementing its part within the integration of Saudi Kingdom. Now, the fort is turned into a historical center where local people, as well as tourists, can take a trip back to the past.

Khurais Shark’s Teeth cemetery

Fossil chasing is additionally a curious action to lock in. Saudi Arabia utilized to be at the foot of the sea, around 50 million years ago. People have found seashell fossil’s on various events. Shark teeth can also be found within the Khurain’s Region, a few of which have a place for tiger sharks. Don’t forget to visit this place if you love exploring the archeological history of places. You will get in-depth knowledge about the whole region that will leave you awestruck.

Rijal Almaa

When you visit this place, it will feel like you have arrived in a gingerbread town. That is why it is among the most interesting places in Riyadh. The huge stone buildings and bright shutters resemble the authentic culture of the city. The people who reside here belong to the “Qahtan Tribe.” This tribe is popular for wearing bright colored outfits which makes them vibrant. Don’t forget to attend the Flowerman festival which is held in August.

Historical Diriyah

Found at the northwestern edges of Riyadh. In the past, Diriyah was also the home-ground of the royal family of the country. Thus, it was the first capital of Saudi Arabia. Also, it is listed in UNESCO World Legacy Location. It is also listed among the biggest cities situated in the Middle-eastern Landmass. However, it was later devastated and was annihilated during the 19th-century, Now, the ruins depict the harsh battle of Saudi armed forces and footrest that continued around 1 year. You will be amazed by the scenic beauty, especially during the evenings. You can also enjoy your leisure time at nearby cafes and restaurants with traditional cuisines that you can try.

Al Faisaliah Tower

The Al Faisaliah Tower is another important tower within the Riyadh horizon. The pointy edge at the top and brilliant sparkly ball looks best and makes it unmissable. It is a geometric plan that’s a gesture to the conventional Arabic architecture that once overwhelmed Riyadh. It comprises 44 floors, and is listed among the tallest towers of Riyadh. Its total height is 267-metres. The visitors are also allowed to visit the top of the tower and enjoy the view. Also, you can do shopping at the mall located in the basement.

Al Balad, Jeddah

Visiting Saudi Arabia means exploring exotic locations of the world. Al Balad is considered as the most beautiful place in Riyadh that you must visit once. You will feel that you are visiting the city during the old times with oud sellers, bakeries, and many more. Also, an amazing fact is that it was also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will also find woodcraft shops, beautiful cafes, and a cultural center. Hence, you must visit Al Balad at least once when you visit Riyadh.

Jebel Fihrayn

It is located on the west side of Riyadh which is also considered a great geological wonder. Tourists visit here to see the beautiful towering wall made up of red sandstone. The beautiful tower at the end marks the end of the place. This place is beautiful to visit during sunsets. You can reach here by driving a four-wheeler from the main city.

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National Museum in Saudi Arabia

The National Museum is located in a present-day building, and an important place to visit. It is additionally a portion of the Ruler Abdul Aziz Verifiable Center. The exhibition hall contains a sweeping collection of all historic artifacts that highlights the culture of the Saudi Arabia during ancient times. Several artefacts such as fossils, trade routes, and old architecture, you will find everything. Along with that, you will also know about the exchange courses during the Pre-Islamic era, and incredible things highlighting the richness of the country are present. The cost of the entrance fee is SAR 10 for grown-ups and there is no charge for children. You will also enjoy the audio-visual introductions in Arabic and English too.

Compactly, an involvement like this can be what everybody requires, what everybody earns. Riyadh is signified as noteworthy and finest travelling places within the entire world. Also, don’t forget to visit the wonderful cafes and restaurants in Riyadh to relax and enjoy delicious foods. You can look for various hotels in Riyadh to get the best deal while you stay at this place.

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