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Any parent knows that little hands get into everything. Sometimes, it’s an annoyance – like when the kiddo finds your secret stash of M&Ms and devours the entire thing. Other times, they can get into something dangerous – such as prescription or over-the-counter medication.

In your kids’ early years, it’s fairly easy to keep contraband of all kinds from their curious little paws. But sooner than you might think, kids outgrow and your tricks. Enter the Lokables™ personal storage container.


Lokables™ are dishwasher & microwave safe locking food storage containers made from FDA-approved BPA-free high impact ABS plastic. They are about the size and shape of a lunchbox. Each Lokable has a combination lock so you can keep the lid securely closed against would-be pilferers or curious kids. The combination lock is customizable, so you can enter and change your personal code whenever you want. Just as with the lock on your gym locker or bike lock, all you have to do to secure the lock is spin the tumblers away from your code. As mentioned above these lockable containers are dishwasher and microwave safe, these particular signs can be found when a box is dishwasher and microwave safe. You can insert these boxes into even the smallest of dishwashers.

The original purpose of the Lokables “personal safes” was to keep people from stealing your lunch (co-founder Tiffany Breanna is a self-described foodie and travel junkie). (Sidebar: How did nobody invent this sooner! Testimonial: They absolutely are good for keeping nosy roommates and coworkers from stealing your food, too.) Some Lokables have a clear lid, to help you remember what is in them. Others are opaque, offering an even greater degree of privacy. They’ve got a silicone leak-proof seal to keep food fresh. You can choose among four cool colors: Fresh (green), Treat (pink), Care (white) and Tool (black).


It didn’t take long for savvy parents to realize that the secure lunchbox also made the perfect – and by that, I mean affordable, portable, lightweight and durable – stronghold to protect whatever it is that needs protecting from kids who had outgrown babyproofing but who still needed to be safeguarded against their natural curiosity and exploration. Halloween candy, sewing scissors, birthday presents, medicine. It even works for older kids, when you might find yourself needing to hide keys to the liquor cabinet, or – when you’re withholding privileges for misbehavior, the car keys, credit card, iPhone, or what have you.


We are not talking Fort Knox-quality security here. As strong as they are, they wouldn’t replace, say, a fireproof safe or lockbox. But they offer just the right amount of protection for parents who want to make sure they’re keeping their kids safe without feeling as if they’re living in a prison. They offer peace of mind, which is something that’s hard enough for parents to find in any decent measure these days. Hey, we’ll take what we can get, right?

From October 6, you can pre-order these personal safes on Kickstarter starting at $15: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lokables/496077272?token=5bec1412.

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