Top Tips to Help You Study Smarter


Studying and education can be excellent opportunities to expand your horizons, explore new avenues, and pursue new interests. Attending school or college is also a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable skills that are transferable and relevant to adult life, such as the ability to research, critical thinking and analysis, and the ability to manage one’s work schedule.

As well as these benefits, however, the truth is that it can be tricky to juggle all the critical tasks which are required. Perhaps you have a late night, take a day trip, or simply slack off. Before you know it, you are drowning in a sea of essays, papers, and presentations. It is 2 am, sleep feels like it will never come, and you are seriously considering Googling, “how to buy caffeine anhydrous capsules to keep yourself awake.” The good news is that it doesn’t have to get to this point. With a few simple adjustments, you can stay on top of your work, allowing you to gain great results with half the stress.

Consistency Is Key

You will never get good grades and marks if you leave studying until the last minute. While we all know that one guy who aced his exam with zero studying, this is very much the exception, not the rule. The key for most of us is to study consistently throughout a module, rather than cramming everything at the end.

 This method will also help you to retain information more effectively, as it has a chance to enter your long term memory. By studying steadily, you have a higher chance of genuinely understanding the material, and this will make it easier to work with.

Keep Clear Notes

A large part of this consistent study is the ability to produce clear, legible notes which tell you the key points. It is a good idea to set some time aside once a week to write up your notes for each subject. This task may seem time-consuming, but it has two main benefits.

The first is that it acts as a form of review. You are re-visiting the topic and writing up the key points. This action allows your brain to remember that it recognizes this information, and acts as an early study session. The second bonus is that you will have clear and relevant notes when it comes to the exam or essay; this will save valuable study time and allow you to access the information much more easily.

Plan Ahead

A large part of success is knowing what to expect, and so planning is essential. At the start of the year, write down all the key dates, such as exams and deadlines. This act gives you a visual overview of the year and shows exactly how long you have to complete and study specific topics. By being organized you can avoid the last-minute panic, and this will result in clearer and more coherent work, as well as massively reducing your stress levels during a crucial time.

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