Top Reasons Why You Must Go for Wooden Montessori Toys for Your Young Ones


If you look at the Montessori classroom, you will find that wood is the crucial material used in every piece of furniture. The toys, which they use for toddlers and babies, are made of wood. There are various reasons for this- aesthetic, developmental, health-related and environmental, and others. Montessori is the formatting year of a child’s life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to choose the Montessori that pays attention to your child’s cognitive and motor development. Moreover, the play-way method which they use must align with the stage of development of your child.

Why Are Montessori Toys Made Up of Wood?

Various Montessori these days employee toys which get made up of wood and not plastic. The durability and longevity of wooden Montessori toys are a significant reason behind this. Apart from this, wooden Montessori toys have the following benefit:

  • It promotes receptive exploration: Valuable information gets stored in these toys for young ones. Its warmth and cozy-touch, unlike plastic, is the reason why they get desired for infants. The weight and feel alter with the size of the object. Hence, your infant will experience the shift in dimension and perspective tacitly. The sensorial value which these toys provide will add to the developmental experience of the young ones.
  • These toys are beautiful: The grain of the wood adds a natural pattern to the toys. The child absorbs organic effects from these toys. Even after they get painted, the texture of timber adds newness and depth to the color. It gives the young individual a beautiful toy. The bright colors and bold aspects of the toys create a profound impression on the child’s mind.
  • Wooden toys are natural: Since wooden toys get derived from nature, they are environment friendly. It is not only enduring but relevant at the same time. These toys help the child to connect without a world and environment at large. Moreover, it enhances their connection to different qualities of the earth. It is significant to contemplate society and the various wonders in the outer world. Hence, the child feels a sense of connection to nature.
  • Wooden toys are durable: A significant reason which has played in favor of wooden toys is their durability and longevity. The Montessori curriculum is enduring and classic. Moreover, they emphasize deep exploration and repetition. It is significant as well as necessary that the toys are capable of withstanding play methods. Hence, there is no alternative to wooden Montessori toys.

The fact is that wooden toys get availed from nature makes them an environmental option. Apart from this, wood is a natural substance and thereby a healthy option for children. In comparison to other alternatives, wood is much safer. Hence, your child may not have injury concerns. The wooden baby toys are the best alternatives which you can buy for the young ones. These are natural, beautiful, and healthy. Wooden toys help in reducing the negative effect on the environment and are thereby an environment-friendly option. These toys are biodegradable and meant for long-term use.

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