Why It’s Likely That You’re Paying Too Much for Medication


Prescription medication can become a huge part of people’s daily lives, and sometimes, it can lead us to sacrifice so much of our hard-earned money to cover the costs. While most of us are willing to spend whatever we can to feel better, there are now more options to prevent that from happening. Here are a few ways to figure out if you’re spending far too much on your prescription drugs.

You’re opting for brand names instead of generic.

Just like any other product, brand-name prescriptions cost more than generic. Experts say that generic options are, on average, 85% cheaper than the brand-name medication. Generic drugs are made using the same active ingredients as the brand-name product; its pills just may look a little different.

Brand-name meds acquire a patent from the United States Food and Drug Administration. That FDA exclusivity is held for a brand until the patent expires, which paves the way for generic tablets, capsules, and other forms of that medication to hit the marketplace. The FDA will continuously monitor the safety of this medical treatment, even issuing recalls to pharmacies if necessary. Consult your pharmacist about available generic options that will cost you less each time you head to the counter.

You’re not looking for discounts and rebates.

Prescription drug costs can really impact you and your family members, but just like shopping for anything else, you can hunt for discounts and deals on your medication. USA Rx created a free mobile app to help customers score the highest discounts on the market for prescription meds. Mobile apps like these are designed to find coupons and cheaper costs for individuals with or without health insurance coverage, or people with high deductibles and co-pays through their insurance company.

Coupons and manufacturer rebates can help you save on out-of-pocket expenses immediately just by using your iPhone or Android phone. By scrubbing through pricing data, these apps and websites allow you to check drug prices in real-time and find the deal that is right for you. You can also pharmacy shop for greater price comparisons. What you spend for your refill at your local neighborhood pharmacy could be different from the cost at a CVS pharmacy.

You’re not using health insurance to your advantage.

If you have health insurance coverage, make sure your pharmacist is aware of it. You’ll want to know what is covered by your insurance or prescription drug plan. For example, Medicare Part D introduced its new Senior Savings program this year, allowing those 65 and older with health insurance in the United States to be able to get significant discounts on medication without deductibles. You can even save money on some medications by buying directly from the pharmacy and skipping insurance, but be sure to ask your trusted pharmacist before pursuing this.

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