Top 7 Dating Trends You Should Avoid in 2019


The modern dating landscape has provided different means to meet potential partners. New trends emerge every year as experts coin dating terms. Online dating is widely embraced by millennials and even baby boomers.

Millions of people find their perfect match onlinethrough a variety of apps that cater to them, from the best senior dating apps to the Best Christian Dating Apps, social media and other platforms. It’s imperative to recognize and understand these annoying trends. This post explains some of the shady behaviors of many singles.

  1. Breadcrumbing

People who engage in this behavior will offer the person they are dating enough attention to sustain their hope. They often do this in a bid to string them along in the relationship.

Such individuals will make you believe that they are still interested and drop love ‘crumbs’ here and there.

2. Submarining

This behavior will make an ex send you a text at 5 am to make plans after ghosting you. S/he won’t see anything wrong in breezing in and out of your life as they wish. They usually assume that they can pick off from where they left off.

They tend to appear when you’re trying to find an explanation for their bizarre behavior or as you’re finally getting over them. The truth is that most of them have another intention apart from rekindling romance, so it’s best to ignore them.

  1. Birdboxing

This trend originated from Bird Box, a popular Netflix movie. It implies that an individual can’t see the negative traits of their partners. They may later discover that they can’t stand the behaviors that seem endearing during the honeymoon phase.

4. Phubbing

Millennials rely on their mobile devices to communicate, follow up on projects and handle other tasks. Phubbing is derived from ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing.’ You’re likely experiencing it if your partner has a more committed relationship with their smartphone than with you.

This habit must not be left unchecked. The ideal thing is to keep your phone somewhere and pay attention to your love interest during dates. Perhaps it’s time to define the relationship and know where you stand if the habit continues.

  1. Prowling

Ghosting was the most popular dating trend five years ago. This involves disappearing into thin without any reasonable explanation. Prowling often takes place right before ghosting. A prowler won’t mind toying with other people’s emotions.

The initial interest they show will likely fizzle out in no time.

  1. Orbiting

People that engage in this trend will ignore the fact that they are ghosting you and keep engaging with your social media feed. For instance, they may retweet your tweet or like your Instagram posts.

Although they are no longer a part of your life, they are still trying to fit into your social media space.

  1. Kittenfishing

Kittenfishing is a refined version of catfishing. Online dating platform users are often encouraged to create an impressive profile. However, kittenfishers will take things too far and provide fake information about their weight, interests, age, skills, and achievements.

Besides, they will use a picture they took five years ago or so in their profile. People that do this are mostly scammers and are rarely interested in a serious relationship.

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4 years ago

Great post. So much romantic and pragmatic in same time. Great advice and inspiration for couples.