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Whether you’ve only just become ‘Facebook official’ or have already been going out for a few months, it’s natural to want to learn all you can about your significant other. Aside from bringing you closer together and deepening your relationship, knowing who your partner really is also makes it a lot easier to find the right gift come a special occasion! Here are a few ways you can get to know each other better and have loads of fun in the process too.  

Try out each other’s hobbies

Whether it’s taking part in a sport, artistic pursuit or simply watching a beloved movie or series, a person’s hobbies can tell you a lot about them – but you have to observe them in action to get the full perspective. Spend some time dabbling in each other’s hobbies and teaching each other why you enjoy them so much – you might even find a shared lifelong passion!

Have a date night with no distractions

No phones, no TV in the background – just the two of you sitting down together to share a meal. We’ve become so used to being bombarded with distractions that it can actually be a little unsettling to hold a proper conversation, but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re worried you won’t have anything to talk about, prepare a cheat sheet of great date questions or play a couple-friendly game together.  

Travel and explore

While you certainly don’t have to pack your bags and set off for a glamorous international destination, getting out and about together is a great way to see how your partner reacts to different situations. Learn more about your own town, visit some museums or local landmarks, or book a quick weekend break at an affordable place just out of town. You’ll get to broaden your horizons and deepen your connection all in one go. 

Experiment in the bedroom

Even if all you end up discovering is that your partner is totally and utterly 100% vanilla when it comes to sex, you’re always going to learn something when you turn the heat up a little in the bedroom department! Watch a risqué movie together, try out some new positions, whip out the strawberries and cream – whatever you feel might push the boundaries out a little. Doing some naughty online shopping together at a site such as Allure Sensuality Emporium can be another fun way to get to know the more sensual, sexy side of your new beau! 

Go shopping together

Whether you’re actually spending money or simply window shopping, going shopping together can teach you an enormous amount about partner. Are they always on the hunt for a great deal, or are they cautious and budget-conscious? Do they take their time making a decision, or are they impulsive and maybe even a little reckless? Do they like opulence and extravagance, or do they like things that are practical and functional? All these things can teach you more about their personality and their attitude towards money.

Open up about your own fears and past experiences

Many people feel very vulnerable when it comes to opening up about their deeper emotions, especially in front of someone they’re afraid of disappointing and have feelings for. If your partner clams up every time things move into deeper territory, you might have to make the first move – with no expectation of them reciprocating immediately. Share an embarrassing story, an experience that made you afraid, or the things that you worry about now. If you show them you’re willing to share and lay yourself open to judgment, they’ll slowly but surely become less afraid of doing so themselves.

Do something totally different

Have a look at what’s on in your area and try something neither of you would ever normally do! It could be as simple as going to the theater or a comedy club, or something more exotic like a tour of a haunted house. Try out some cuisine you’ve never experienced (or maybe even heard of) or commit to doing something exciting and adventurous like going white water rafting or skydiving. When you share what might well be a literally once in a lifetime experience for both of you – whether that’s going to the opera or jumping out a plane – you create a special bond.  

Keep asking questions!

Of course the most important way to get to know your partner better is simply to stay curious and keep asking questions – and remembering to truly listen to what they have to say, rather than thinking about your own reply. With that mindset, you’re ready to discover all the intricate and exciting features of their personality!

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