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Being a parent can sometimes take a toll on couples as they tend to forget their duties to each other in giving all their attention to their bundle of joy. But marriage takes more than weathering the storms together. It needs a lot of work and nurturing too. Just because you are both weighed down by your daily obligations, it doesn’t mean you pass up opportunities to show your love for each other.

Whether it is for your husband’s birthday or any other special occasion, a good and well-executed surprise is one of the best ways to keep your marriage alive amid the routine. So if you have the chance, seize the moment, and let him know you are thinking about him and appreciate everything that he stands for in your life. Here are some ways you can pull it off.

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes, the surprise is in the little things that you do for him. It can be a simple breakfast in bed, with all his favorite treats.

Another option is a romantic note you tuck in his pillow or a long love letter that he finds next to his morning coffee. Watch his face light up as he reads heartfelt words that let him know how much he matters in your life.

A Weekend Getaway

There is nothing like a surprise trip on a weekend to give you a break from the demands of work and household chores. Plan a surprise getaway for your husband on his birthday or on Father’s Day. He will love a good weekend on the beach or a camping trip in the woods.

It is also a good idea to have a trip abroad, especially if he is into exploring new countries and different cultures. There are many travel deals from agencies that can help you pull off the surprise with minimal effort and on a certain budget. This will give time for the two of you to be together without the demanding responsibilities of motherhood.

A King for a Day

Grand gestures can win you many plus points. Why not try to sign up your children’s help and give your husband a royal treatment for a day?

His wish will be your command. Give him the pampering he needs from breakfast, lunch, and dinner and all the times in between. He will love every minute of it.

Delight the Car Lover in Him

If he is into cars, the best gift would be car accessories that he can use and admire at the same time. Add to his arsenal of car gear a charger that can accommodate several devices.

If he is more on the practical side, there is the automatic cordless tire infiltrator for a hassle-free tire-filling process. The neat freak in him will love the idea of WeatherTech nonslip floor mats, which can keep the dirt and grime off his vehicle’s carpets. His car will always look like new.

The Big Gender Reveal

If you have a new bundle of joy on the way, then you and your husband cannot be more delighted with the news. Make it even more exciting for him by throwing a party to celebrate and finding out the gender of your baby. It can be an occasion open to family and friends.

Of course, a party cannot be realized without careful planning, from the decorations to the menu and the cake. Bring the fun to another level by investing in party supplies with a gender-reveal theme, such as colored confetti and candy bars. Bingo and a diaper raffle are also just a few of many gender-reveal games that can raise the excitement a notch.

Throw a Party

If it’s his birthday, there are many ways to celebrate the special occasion, but the old-fashioned way is a classic favorite. Surprise your husband with a simple, intimate party by inviting your closest family and friends over.

Prepare the food, cake, and everything. Turn off the lights and keep quiet. The moment he opens the door and enters the house, turn the lights on and greet him with a birthday song. He will surely be overjoyed to see everyone he loves on his birthday, and he will appreciate all the effort you made.

Giving surprises occasionally can add sparks to your relationship and lets your partner know how much you care for him and your life together. If you can do this from time to time, your long-lasting marriage will never be stagnant. He will be looking forward to these surprises and will surely do the same for you. Well, isn’t that sweet?

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