Bring Online Gaming into Play to Spice up Your Marriage


Much like any other fun activity, online gaming is a double-edged sword. All that a person is not obliged to do, but does for entertainment purposes only is fertile land for addiction. Namely, according to Esquire Magazine, playing Fortnite gave rise to over 200 divorces in 2018 alone. However, the issue before us is not that simple. There is a litany of side factors that we might fail to notice when estimating these statistics.

Specifically, the profile of the partner and his or her inclination towards addiction in general is the key segment. Henceforth, blaming games for a divorce is equal to giving credit to the coach for your talented child’s success in basketball.

False Accusations

In order to defend online gaming, we need to first realize what it is that gives it a bad name. We hear stories all the time, about drunks and nobodies who waste their last pennies in gambling venues without thinking for a split second. And to be honest, a majority of those are true. However, much like what we previously mentioned, this issue needs a more thorough analysis. The drunkard evidently has a fondness for addictive behavior. That sole fact makes him, or her, the perfect ground for further development of other addictive habits. In other words, partaking in an activity is entirely harmless, as long as you are the one with the reins in your hands.

“If you are in control, you are safe.”

What we are getting at is that anything can be harmful if not monitored.

The Measures of Precaution

The gradual and rapid evolution of the online gaming industry has led the market to expand simultaneously. The conventionally misunderstood and purely addictive hobby has turned into an entertaining activity that can be enjoyed by playing all sorts of casino products – such as immensely popular video slot games – completely for free, and not only real money. People’s perception of gambling is slowly but steadily changing and is heading in a good direction.

Why wouldn’t you try to use online gaming to your own benefit?

Partners in a successful relationship or marriage can sometimes find themselves lacking the same interests, and that is completely natural. Each and every single one of us should have an activity they enjoy regardless if the partner is part of it or not. More things to talk about when you get back home, right? Nevertheless, in times when you find the disparity between what you and your partner like a bit too concerning, it is time to take the matter into your own hands.

In tens of thousands of slot games that abide in the virtual world today, there are at least handfuls that will suit both your and your significant other’s liking. Perhaps you share a love for magic and Tolkien, so you can browse through the fantasy directory. On the other hand, maybe you both like watching the same TV shows, like Vikings for instance. Guess what, you can read about the blockbuster online game right now, and play it for free, on your desktop or even in mobile version!

And these certainly do not apply to marriages only. Prevent your partnership from sinking and losing that spark of joy by reveling in a fun activity that requires a duo.

And you can even make it a competition, for a little bit of harmless fun!

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