Top 5 trends to watch out in Mobile Automation testing


With the increasing craze for mobile phones, the craze for mobile applications is also increasing year on year. People are excited about every new application being released and the new updates that follow. Hence it creates a huge responsibility on the mobile app developers and testers to develop a bug-free app and testers to ensure the application is user-friendly. And to do this mobile automation testing is essential. Nowadays there are various mobile automation testing tools to perform the tests. Yet these platforms also keep on updating on a regular basis and it is difficult to keep up with the trends. Let us have a look at the top 5 trends in mobile automation testing:

  • Increase in the number of test automation tools: With the increase in mobile applications, the tools that are to be used to automate the testing are also increasing. Hence many companies today are facing the issue in selecting the right test automation tool. There are various components that need to be kept in mind or selecting the right tool but the best tool would be the one that suits the project requirements. Also, there is a discrepancy between whether to go for a free tool or a premium one.
  • Testing new devices: The number of devices and operating systems is increasing and hence there is a need for the tester to test the application on various devices, operating systems, screen sizes, and much more. This is the most challenging task for a tester. Constant growth necessitates continuous innovation, which is impossible to achieve without Continuous Testing across Test Automation platforms. It will assist teams in identifying flaws and issues early in the testing cycle. Automation Test Maintenance will also aid in the discovery of new application flaws.
  • Increased Test Automation Coverage: There are a lot of features coming up, that increase the complexity of test automation. Hence the tool needs to focus on increased test coverage and also ensure security is in check. In addition, new technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will be included in the app. To assure their functionality and to test the application frequently under changing circumstances in order to achieve the desired result, test automation will be required.
  • Improved visibility for Test Automation processes: With quality blind spots, Mobile Test Automation cannot be fully productive. As the testing of these applications becomes more involved, the automated process will require more visibility. The Mobile Automation testing tools used will have to provide complete visibility for all quality indicators. This will assist teams in obtaining a summary of each test and issue.

Furthermore, because the testing framework is always evolving and being upgraded, testers may go back and review the test results to ensure that the code is up to current. Time-taken, failure rates, and a variety of other testing-related questions can all be easily addressed. This will increase openness even more, and teams will become more attentive and responsive as a result.

  • Shorter Release Schedules: The number of applications is increasing day by day and so are their updates. The testers have to keep track that the application and the updates are working smoothly for the large audiences. Since the user base is larger the time to test and release the application and the updates need to be minimal. Because a small glitch can make the users uninstall your application. There is a high necessity of code being perfect the first time of the test run itself. The quicker the codes are successfully run, the faster the updates can be released and this is only possible with the help of mobile automation testing tools. 

Conclusion: In today’s IT environment, automated software testing in mobile testing is a booming topic. In the testing arena, new upgrades and evolving technology are bringing in new ideas. Due to the numerous obstacles that businesses face, this industry would necessitate outstanding technical abilities from both developers and testers.

We can notice shorter testing cycles and faster testing tools as recurring themes in these 5 top trends in Mobile testing highlighted above. These new trends will substantially assist in overcoming the obstacles.

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Jennifer D Kelley
10 months ago

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geometry dash
10 months ago

With the increasing craze for mobile phones, the craze for mobile applications is also increasing year on year. People are excited about every new application being released and the new updates that follow.

Priya Singh
10 months ago

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10 months ago

Implementing automated tests whenever possible and maximizing test coverage would also expedite and improve the testing process

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